ULAND's Highly Anticipated ALPHA Game Launches: Hex Plots & Resource Exploration Now Available to Players Worldwide

ULAND's milestone release of the ALPHA Game marks a new era for strategy game players, offering an immersive and unique Web3 gaming experience.

After 12 months of development, ULAND, the pioneering web3 strategy game, is thrilled to announce the launch of its ALPHA game release, creating a new epoch in blockchain-based gaming. After an earth-shattering sell-out within 24 hours for their T1 Country holders, ULAND, which merges the real and virtual worlds, takes players on an epic journey on a globally scaled game board mirroring the real world. The "ALPHA Game" phase which introduces the thrilling feature of Hex Plot acquisition, has attracted a surge of enthusiasm among the Play and Earn gaming community.

ULAND's Alpha Game marks a pivotal advancement in the blockchain gaming industry. Set in a futuristic 2070 landscape, it uniquely blends strategy, land ownership, and economy, all wrapped up in a dynamic, engaging, and interactive platform. The introduction of Hex Plots, offers players new ways to explore, develop, and strategize, boosting the game's appeal and elevating the entire gaming experience.

ULAND's ALPHA Game launch signifies a major milestone for ULAND and Web3 gaming space. Set in a futuristic 2070 landscape, it uniquely blends strategy, land ownership, and economy, all wrapped up in a dynamic, engaging, and interactive platform. The introduction of Hex Plots or T3 lands, along with the broader land ownership tiers (T1 Countries and T2 States/Regions), offers players an unprecedented opportunity to strategize, explore, and develop, bringing a fresh facet to the gaming experience.

Hex Plots, the core playable component of ULAND, are unique pieces of land mapped onto the real world and characterized by up to 17 varieties of land features. Players set out on a thrilling journey of exploration, using Explorer Credits to probe their land for in-game resources like Stone, Wood, or the elusive Gold. These resources enable in-game trading capabilities in the global marketplace. Players can also establish in-game businesses and even collect transport fees from trades passing through their Hex Plots. Along with propelled in-game rewards for T1 and T2 Land Owners due to activity occurring within their lands, this added layer of interactivity and strategy propels ULAND's ALPHA Game into a class of its own in the blockchain gaming sector.

Aside from the excitement of land exploration and development, ULAND's ALPHA Game showcases its robust in-game economy. Players can convert their accumulated resources into profits by selling them on the Marketplace or trading them for other valuable items. As resources navigate through Trade Routes, they become subject to Transport Fee and Transport Time, adding an intriguing layer of strategic gameplay.

In the strategic world of ULAND's ALPHA Game, players can align with one of the two factions: Terra Preservers, champions of eco and environment, or Quantum Syndicate, the vanguards of technology and innovation. In time, this decision will shape their gaming journey and impacts the overall gameplay.

The game also allows players to acquire a 3D Hero avatar, adding a personal touch to their game persona. This feature, coupled with player versus player (PvP) battles on the horizon, offers the potential for an even more thrilling strategy game experience.

ULAND ensures a secure and efficient gaming experience by leveraging BNB Chain, keeping transaction costs minimal while using NFTs for ownership and web3 for immersive gaming. Their primary in-game economy token, $ULAND Token has been security audited by CertiK, an industry-leading smart contract auditing firm.

The release of the ALPHA Game is a landmark moment in ULAND's journey, symbolizing a new era for strategy game players worldwide looking for an interesting and unique Web3 gaming experience. ULAND is thrilled to offer this enriching and interactive gaming platform, ensuring continuous updates and improvements as the game evolves.

Both new and existing players are invited to immerse themselves in the thrilling world of ULAND's ALPHA Game; Whilst presently in ALPHA, ULAND will be soon transitioning to SEASON 1 to unveil a new suite of gameplay features. With the ability for players to own T3 Hex Plots, representing villages, small towns and cities and T2 holders owning Regions & States such as California, Tokyo or Tuscany and T1 holders laying claim to countries such as Italy, France, or Madagascar, ULAND introduces an intriguing and sentimental element to gameplay, as players can forge a tangible connection with the real world.

ULAND, committed to fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among its players, also offers a referral program, providing discounts on mints for successful referrals.

Note: ULAND is a game for entertainment purposes. Although the game involves earning in-game rewards, it should not be perceived as a means of profit generation.

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ULAND is a next-generation web3 strategy game that maps the real world against a virtual one. Based on Blockchain technology, players interact on a globally scaled game board reflecting our real world. With a futuristic setting in 2070, it presents a unique blend of strategy, land ownership, and economy with a passionate community and dedicated development team.

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