Triple listing turn heads as Areon gears for its own CEX launch

by BSC News

May 10, 2024


Alongside Areon's token listings and focus on integrating new dApps, the network is gearing up to launch its own centralized exchange.

One of the fastest and most affordable blockchain technologies, Areon Network sparked excitement with three new exchange listings for its native token $AREA. The layer-1 project’s growing ecosystem significantly benefited from the excitement and the exposure to a larger audience.


Areon broke the good news with a teasing announcement, signaling that three new CEX listings were on the way, without revealing their names. The upcoming listings were ranked with a star system, gradually increasing in order.

Biconomy listing

The first listing for $AREA in the spree was Biconomy. The Canada-based cryptocurrency exchange with the US MSB license welcomed $AREA with open arms. A social media campaign was the first step of announcing the collaboration. 


Biconomy users enjoyed a special trading contest, a versatile staking pool and an airdrop campaign to celebrate the integration of Areon Chain and the listing of its native token. Areon Network’s CMO Deniz Percin also attended an AMA session with the Biconomy community.

Poloniex joins the party

Areon Network unveiled the second exchange listing on this spree, the renowned Poloniex. This veteran crypto exchange, established in 2014, boasts a loyal user base and significant trading volume. The listing further increased Areon’s reach to a new community.


Poloniex and Areon put together a series of celebratory events to mark the occasion. A joint social media campaign, a trading contest for $12K and a staking rewards pool for $10K as well as fun quiz events kept the excitement going!

$AREA listed on BingX

Continuing the momentum, Areon announced its listing on BingX, a leading spot and derivatives exchange. BingX caters to a global audience with its user-friendly interface and diverse range of trading features, including perpetual contracts, margin trading, and spot trading. 

This strategic partnership opens the door for $AREA to tap into the ever-growing derivatives market, attracting a new wave of investors. BingX users enjoyed a wonderful giveaway campaign, a trading contest and an airdrop on the BingX platform with up to $20K prize pool


The combined effect of these three new exchange listings has been monumental in boosting the visibility and liquidity of $AREA. This multi-pronged approach demonstrates Areon Network's commitment to fostering a vibrant and accessible ecosystem for its native token.

“Wen AreonX?!”

New CEX listings are always welcome news for a project’s community, but the real excitement is about the proprietary products. Areon Network has announced AreonX, its own centralized exchange platform for cryptocurrency assets. The project team had earlier disclosed their intention to focus most of their attention and energy on completing AreonX development. 


Meanwhile, Areon will keep boosting their ecosystem by integrating new, trusted dApps to the Areon Chain. Since it is an EVM compatible Layer 1 blockchain, integration or initial deployment usually take developers a very short time, making Areon Chain a perfect choice for development.


Areon Network announced its first tokenization project on May 5. The project named Synthetik is a powerful tool that uses generative AI to mint NFT collections with a single prompt.

About Areon Network

As a layer 1 blockchain technology, Areon Network is focused on becoming the top choice for a fast and affordable infrastructure for everyday use. Areon’s growing ecosystem is filled with useful tools, including its own wallet and DEX, boasting stablecoin and bridge support. 


Already listed on BitgetBitmartMEXC, and XT, Areon set eyes on a bigger prize now: launching its own centralized exchange, AreonX. The new crypto asset trading platform will bring significant attention and amazing opportunities to the Areon Network community.


Areon is full of exciting opportunities for holders, offering competitive stake rewards. Areon Apps panel provides a convenient access to all services related to validator pools, delegation and staking opportunities.


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