TreeDefi: An Eco-Friendly Yield Farming Community

TreeDefi is the first eco-friendly Defi project, launched with the primary aim of helping the planet. The project will help fight cryptocurrency carbon footprint by using one-third (⅓) of the transaction fees to plant trees in active collaboration with platforms that take on these initiatives.

Wilfred Victor
April 7, 2021
BSC News


How much has the impact of Bitcoin and overall Blockchain activities like mining affected the environment? What’s the contributing portion of Bitcoin in the present global climate change witnessed around the world? And what are projects and the Bitcoin communities doing to help salvage the situation? These and many more questions exist within Bitcoin and the global communities, especially as there have been calls for concern about mining activities. Very few projects have been able to come with innovative ideas to contribute to this problem’s solutions. TreeDefi, a BSC-built Defi protocol, leads the pack with its interesting initiative to save the planet.

What is TreeDefi?

TreeDefi is the first eco-friendly Defi project, launched with the primary aim of helping the planet by planting trees.

The project will help fight cryptocurrency carbon footprint by using one-third (⅓) of the transaction fees to plant trees and to help growing economies. The team is in active collaboration with platforms that take on these initiatives. For example, TeamTrees, Trees for the Future, and Treedom have shown reasonable efforts recently.

Simple steps to take part in the planet-saving activities:

  • Visit, study, and get acquainted with the platform
  • Purchase $SEED and $TREE  tokens from the platform and stake them in the farms and pools to receive rewards
  • By holding on to your tokens, you will be rewarded with TREE and SEED tokens and helping the environment by planting trees via the transaction mining

Key Features

Some of the platform features are active, while a few others are yet to be integrated or made operational. The key features of the platform include:

  • 24hr Timelock
  • Harvest Guard
  • Non Fungible Tokens (NFT)
  • Yield Farming and Staking
  • Crypto Games 
  • Lottery system
  • Triple Burn Systems
  • Planting Real Trees

Project Components

By carrying out transactions on the TreeDefi platform, users will help achieve the various project components, including tree planting as its core.

Planting Real Trees: Unlike what you must have come across with other pseudo-eco-friendly projects, TreeDefi will engage in planting real trees made possible from the transaction fees realized from the platform. 

⅓ of the deposit fees will go to platforms like and other similar platforms to help combat cryptocurrency mining’s carbon footprint. The money will go towards a separate address that will be made public to the community. A proof will be provided to back the donations, which will also be trackable by users through the blockchain.

As of now the team has donated 5000 trees thanks to their amazing community, and they have mentioned they have many larger donations incoming. The team uses the equation 1 TREE = 1 USD to make it a simple calculation, which mirrors  the Teamtrees approach. 

Yield Farming and Staking: Users can have immediate access to the stake and pool farming platform and start earning tokens when they stake their tokens.

The current Total Valued Locked (TVL) on the platform is above $9 Million, as users can earn APR up to 3,399% at the time of this review. 

Lottery System: The platform also features a lottery system with attractive rewards for players.

Tickets are bought with $SEED tokens, and the lottery process number generating system is entirely random. When a user gets lucky with the right combination of lucky numbers, he walks away with his price gifts.

Swap Platform: Swap across 100s of BSC-based cryptocurrencies using the swap feature currently live on the platform.

  • Connect your wallet
  • Make use of the Swap features to exchange cryptocurrencies, including BNB, TREE, SEED, BUSD, etc.
  • Provide liquidity using the Liquidity feature
  • And make use of the integrated Binance Bridge  

The rest of the project’s features, including crypto games, NFTs, and harvest guards are coming soon on the platform.

Tree Huggers Reward Program

The Telegram group continuously grows in quality and quantity with overwhelming support from community supporters, fans, and users. The project team has decided to introduce a reward program that seeks to identify and reward these active users that have helped in the community in various ways.

The steps for participation listed in this released Medium guide. This program will reward the first three members of the poll + 2 other members chosen by the admins. They will receive a custom tag in the group and one free $TREE.

On the last Monday of the month, previous winners will be added to the TreeDefi Team Leader group. They will be in direct contact with the admins, allowing them to participate in development and marketing discussions. Furthermore, during the last awards ceremony of the month, three random people in the Team Leader group will receive:

  • 5 TREE + 5 SEED
  • 3 TREE + 3 SEED
  • 2 TREE + 2 SEED

Community votes will decide winners on the telegram platform, where the selected persons will have fair chances of becoming the week’s winners. The voting date and process will be communicated on the project Twitter and Telegram platform.


According to the project team, several yield farming platforms have sought partnership deals with the TreeDefi project. Some of which are being looked into to fulfill vital roles for the participating parties. Recently, the platform announced a partnership with Slime Finance of the team’s favorite yield farms before TreeDefi began. Slime Finance has provided incredible support to the TreeDefi team since its commencement launching a TREE-SLIME LP pool with just below 2,000% APY.

Project Updates

AMA schedule in April with the following listed companies with dates;

  • Crypto Talkz - April 4th, 2021 - 13 UTC
  • Crypto Infinity - April 8th, 2021 - 13 UTC
  • Decentraland - April 14th, 2021 - 13 UTC
  • Cryptonation - April 19th 2021 - 13 UTC
  • BSC News - April 21st, 2021 - 13 UTC

Bug Bounty announcement and Techrate Audit report release are well articulated in the recently released project update information HERE.


The platform uses a two token system;

  • TREE token supply is capped  at 16001 and used to farm SEED tokens
  • SEED token, the uncapped token, has a current Total Supply of 33,221.091828 SEEDs which also features a token deflation system. The token features an emission of 0,15 SEED per BSC Block, which deflates by 2% each week.

TREE Token Distribution(during pre-sale)

  • 15% Marketing (Partnerships, Graphical Work, Airdrops, AMA on larger Telegram groups, Reviews from Defi Youtubers)
  • 15% Team
  • 70% Presale

The token structure also features a buyback and burn mechanism, which helps it combats inflation and maintains a healthy token value. The presale has already taken place and was sold out in less then three minutes.

Team Funds Locked

Team funds have been locked for 6 months using using deeplock and unicrypt.


Check the detailed roadmap guide on the Litepaper.

Plans for tokens (SEED and TREE) and the protocol.

  • Multi Listing
  • Price Bot
  • Twitter Contest
  • Marketing
  • Astrotools Analytics
  • Partnerships
  • Referral System
  • Launcpool/pads including IDO and IFO
  • Harvest Guard
  • NFT 
  • Binance Build Program
  • Certik Audit
  • Governance
  • Proprietary AMM

The Harvest Guard feature will help the token achieve some level of stability against pump and dump. The feature will help guild against market manipulations by whales and help preserve investors’ funds when active. A Referral system to increase the user base is planned alongside marketing to target more audiences both in the traditional and blockchain communities.

Other essential aspects of the roadmap to look out for is the potential of the Binance Build Program and the protocol’s inclusion of governance to achieve democratization.

Some other notable accomplishments from the team are as follows:

  • A successful audit with TechRate a solid alternate auditing service for new protocols. The TreeDefi team stated that the team is “great in their communication with us, and even went  in-depth through our contracts during a phone call. They are ready to help and always reliable.”
  • An order book bot on telegram, allowing users to track the latest purchases and sales of TREE and SEED
  • YouTube marketing campaigns that will be released very soon.
  •  Dappradar, Bsc Project and Blockfolio listings, with CoinGecko coming soon and CoinMarketCap in the works.
  • 5000 Trees planted in a week 

Front End 2.0

The team is actively working on a redesign of a 2.0 version of the front-end. During the first weeks of the project this wasn’t necessary and it was better to focus on tokenomic fundamentals, investor security, marketing and correct operation of the platform. 

But being UX/UI geeks they knew that they would eventually want to separate themselves from the rest through a great presentation. 

So they started the design and development of a new front-end for Treedefi, that will hopefully catch the eye of new investors and partners as much as their  initial idea and execution did. One of their  goals is to have the most eye catching presentation on the BSC.

In Conclusion

For a long time, qualitative ways to combat emissions resulting from various industrial activities by humans have been the subject of a lengthy discussion topic. Projects such as TreeDefi bring practical solutions to these problems and hopes to contribute its quota through its core aim.

The platform has initiated its efforts towards earth sustainability from cryptocurrencies’ carbon footprint by donating to the Tree planting platforms. All donations are open and can be tracked publicly using the donation vault

Users who wish to learn more about TreeDefi can check out the following resources and media pages:





Overall it is vital to proceed with caution when purchasing tokens that have just been listed. For those who have not already read our articles on safety in the BSC it is crucial to reference the following items, HERE and HERE.

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