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Tranchess DAO Arrives with First Proposal Vote on Dec. 10

Tranchess investors and users will be encouraged by the latest proposal and example of its forum working effectively.

DAO Communication Lines Open for Tranchess

The Tranchess community now enjoys a new forum space to communicate concerns and ideas relating to project progression soon. 

The forum boasts four different categories: Announcements, General Discussion, Technical Support, and Proposals. For many users, “Proposals” will hold the most weight and is the main section in the forum. In this space, the Tranchess team and Tranchess community members can interact and raise important suggestions to optimize the project as effectively as possible.

The first proposal has now officially been put forward as of December 2nd and will end on December 10th at 14:00 UTC.

“In continuation of the successful BTC & ETH funds currently on Binance Smart Chain, Tranchess intends to launch the 3rd fund with Binance Coin (BNB) as underlying. BNB being the native token of Binance Smart Chain offers good potential for collaborations & alpha revenue streams; The addition of BNB fund would deliver a good growth to Tranchess’s TVL & protocol revenue - Improving Chess holders’ overall returns,” the summary of the proposal states.

Tranchess has exemplified its potential and has seen a steady increase in its TVL from inception to well over $1.5 billion currently. This has only been made possible by accessing and utilizing a growing community. The proposal has some in the forum hoping to grow the TVL past $2 billion rather soon. 

“A strong growth-oriented community has been established alongside and continues to flourish. TranchessDAO’s first proposal resonates Tranchess community’s thoughts and presents in itself a strong proposal delivering strong economic impact and viability,” the team explains in the aforementioned proposal.

Of course, this maiden proposal will simply serve to underline the capability of community members to directly impact the direction the project takes. Still, many will be busy thinking about what the future will entail for a project that is building in confidence and doing much to involve its community. 

BSC News looks forward to following the proposal result and indeed forthcoming proposals that will be heralded as a result of the new forum capability.

What is Tranchess? 

According to Tranchess, the protocol is a tokenized asset management and derivatives trading platform.  The platform also aims to provide a place where both a novice investor and a highly sophisticated crypto investor can take advantage of high returns on popular cryptocurrencies. Tranches’s innovation comes from a ‘main fund’ that tracks an underlying asset, such as bitcoin. This ‘main fund’ can be split into two ‘sub funds’ with different user benefits. With Tranchess, there exist three primary tranche tokens that users must create. Tranchess’s tokens include the QUEEN, BISHOP, and ROOK token. There is also a governance token: CHESS. Each token can be used to fit the desired investment approach the investor would like to take. They have been audited by both Certik and PeckShield, two leading security groups on Binance Smart Chain.

To learn more on how Tranchess works and how they look to revolutionize the crypto space, click here to check out their whitepaper.  

Where to find Tranchess?

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