TradoCaps AMA Transcript

"Tradocaps is an ecosystem of various tools and platforms coming together to bridge gap between Smart Traders and Investors."

Andrew (DeFi Direct)

Hello everyone and welcome to the AMA with TradoCaps! 

Today we have @Bitcoinloops joining us to talk about their exciting and innovative new platform!

Great to have you here

Crypto Looper

Thanks also Andrew for having me here, BSC News is a great community and one of the best in Industry

It's our privilege to present our project idea here :)

Andrew (DeFi Direct)

Yeah its great to have you here :)

So how this will work is, the AMA will consist of two rounds. The first round will be us going through the questions that I had prepared for you before hand. And then the second round will be a community round where I will open up the room to allow questions to come in. The second round is also where we will select the two winners of our giveaway

Sound good?

Crypto Looper


Andrew (DeFi Direct)

Okay great, so to start things off

1. Please introduce yourself and the team behind TradoCaps.

Crypto Looper

Hey everyone, this is Lokesh Singh aka Crypto Looper, Co-founder & CTO of Tradocaps

Have 12+ years of experience in Banking and Finance Sector and worked with most Major Banks like Natwest Group Plc(earlier called Royal Bank of Scotland), Westpac, ABN Amro, CIBC, NatWest Society etc.

I also known in crypto world by name called Crypto Looper, a seasoned professional crypto trader and provide premium signals for crypto assets via Telegram Channel.

This was about me

Let me introduce you guys to team

We also have our other Co-founder present here with me today

i.e. Harjot Singh(@Ramboh)

Harjot and me are working together for last 7 years for Natwest Group plc(earlier called Royal Bank of Scotland).

He has overall 15 Years of experience in Banking & Finance industry, Goal-driven Principal Engineer adept at reviewing plans and implementing transformation programmes by providing technical leadership. Skilled in technical research and expert in leading innovations.

@Ramboh please add if i missed anything about you

Then we have Brajesh & Bram as Marketing and Community Managers

Brajesh has 5 years of extensive experience in Crypto Marketing space, earlier to Tradocaps he has worked for Plenty of Projects in Crypto Industry like Fries2land, LaunchZone (bscex), The Force Trade and Polker.

Bram is handling our Community and managing other community moderators(3 community moderators Tushar aka Satly, Akshit and Harsh), he has 10+ years of experience as a lead. Highly driven and curious individual with a global perspective, and proven success in managing issues and reputations.

Then most important Dev team

Dev team consists of 5 Blockchain Developers, having an average experience of 4 years in blockchain development.

That's all about team, we have also opened few positions in open Markets and interviewed multiple folks like of Blockchain Architect etc, they will be soon onboarded to Team

Andrew (DeFi Direct)

Awesome! Thank you for that amazing introduction, sounds like you have an amazing team behind you

A simple question but very very important

2. What is TradoCaps?

Crypto Looper

Project is 10% about idea and 40% about team and 50% about community

First the story behind, why we name it tradocaps, as i shared earlier, i am a professional trader and provide signals on Premium telegram group

I have been observing few awesome individuals who provide signals to accuracy upto 95%

So we basically trying to bring all Smart Traders under one Cap and that's called Tradocaps

Now from functional perspective, Tradocaps is an ecosystem of various tools and platforms coming together to bridge gap between Smart Traders and Investors.

It is a decentralized smart investment and trading platform that operates via autonomous smart contracts and includes tools for Synthetic token allocation and fully automated trading.

It eliminates the risks of transferring digital/hardware wallet details such as private keys and API or any virtual currency data to a third party.

Most importantly, Tradocaps Platform connects successful smart traders and investors in a transparent, verifiable way for the benefit of both parties.

Tradocaps is all about providing a safer, reliable and sustainable environment to investors where they can choose from Smart Traders pool and let smart trader do the hard work for them

Andrew (DeFi Direct)

Ohhh gotcha!

3. What is $TADOC? How is it used on your platform?

Crypto Looper

TADOC is the native utility and governance token in Tradocaps Platform.

It's basically the core of tradocaps platform

Like , It is used for synthetic assets launchpad services for smart traders and for paying the transaction fees on the Tradocaps platform.

Every synthetic asset issued over Tradocaps Synthetic Assets Launchpad will be collateral backed and collateral would be locked in form of TADOC tokens  under the smart contract which will eventually reduce the circulating supply and appreciate the TADOC tokens valuation. Basically brings trust as well giving monetary benefits to TADOC holders.

Besides, that people will be able to stake the TADOC tokens using Tradocaps Staking service and can earn 1% rewards every week, where reward distribution capped at 100K TADOC's.

Tradocaps holders will also get opportunity to vote on Proposals out on Tradocaps Platform and even decide how the ecosystem fund will be used, basically used for DAO Governance

We will be launching multiple High Yield Liquidity Mining Pools, where people can provide liquidity to earn TADOC Tokens, basically to get rewards for providing liquidity on platform

All the synthetic tokens on Tradocaps platform will be trading against TADOC token only on the platform means whenever any investor want to buy/withdraw any synthetic token, it will be done via TADOC tokens only.

Andrew (DeFi Direct)

Okay wow a ton of features

So before we dive deeper into that

4. What inherent problems are there that TradoCaps is a solution for?

Crypto Looper


Tradocaps is basically implementing the traditional real world Asset and Portfolio Management facility over the DeFi.

Like in traditional world, we have Asset and Portfolio Managers, who basically manages people funds and invest on their behalf like Mutual Funds, SIP's, Stock Market etc and then share the profits with the investor.

But this traditional world solution has a inherent issue, it's not transparent, Investor has to rely on words of their Portfolio managers, basically investor is unknown to things like where his money is invested which company, which bonds etc..

Also there is no absolute clarity give to Investor about Profits instead a specific percentage is foretold and again in most cases it varies and has a clause of Subjected to market Risk.

Andrew (DeFi Direct)

Oh I see so by implementing smart contracts and DeFi, it’s very transparent giving investors confidence

Crypto Looper

Yes :)

Andrew (DeFi Direct)

Sorry didn’t mean to interrupt please continue !

Crypto Looper

Haha, you caught me ;)

While Tradocaps is bringing the same solution over Defi, basically on-chain, which automatically brings transparency to the cause.

Tradocaps will have user friendly dashboards, where they can always see how Smart Trader is utilizing their funds, what exact portfolio he has, how much profits are being generated.

We have now tweaked it little further

On tradocaps Investor dashboard, we are providing a Smart Switch facility to investor as well, which can be used for two purposes,

first alert the Smart Trader that you don't want to take a particular Trade

second, if you want to blacklist any Trade pair, where you don't want your smart trader to invest your funds.

So basically along with transparency of on-chain solution, we are giving control to Investors:)

Andrew (DeFi Direct)

That's really neat guys!

5. Do tokens need to be migrated onto the TradoCaps blockchain?

Crypto Looper

Not exactly, Tradocaps is a dapp powered by BSC Chain.

We don't want to create the wheel from scratch.

BSC chain provides all features of Smart Contracts that Tradocaps platform needs and again it has Good TPS and low transaction fees.

There are lot of other chains which provide high TPS and low transaction fees but they lack on Smart Contracts Feature sets.. Some have launched them as well but it's in very nascent stages like Elrond, Solana, Zil etc..

But we have a mainnet launch :)

There will be migration happening from standard trade contract to DeFi Smart Contract in Mid of January when our Strategic Platform's Mainnet would be launching.

Our Defi Smart Contracts are under testing phase right now and then will be audited by best in industry security and penetration testing providers like Rapid7,Certik, Blockchain Consilium and Vera Code.

Post audit's only we will be migrating to strategic contracts, again all migration will be automated using token balancer facility.

And old contract will be destroyed :)

Andrew (DeFi Direct)

Ah for some reason I was under the impression that you guys were developing your own blockchain for this platform

This question may be redundant but I'll ask it anyways in case its not haha

Crypto Looper

Why to create a wheel from scratch when we can create a car using same wheel

Andrew (DeFi Direct)

yes exactly

6. Currently with bridging apps that are developing cross-chain token swaps, what makes Tradocaps unique?

Crypto Looper

:D In the end again you will say this is redundant question as well :P

But i will love to clear the confusion

Andrew (DeFi Direct)

Yes please do haha

Crypto Looper

We are not creating a bridge for token swaps or cross chain token swaps.

We are basically bringing Smart Traders and Smart Investors under one platform

i.e. Tradocaps and providing an ecosystem where Investors can select their choice of Smart Trader from the Pool of Traders based on his experience and trading profile and then they can purchase the synthetic token represented by that Smart Trader.

Now when someone buys Synthetic tokens of a smart trader, Smart trader will get equal amount of funds in his trading wallet, which he can use on one or multiple exchanges to trade on.

All the profits made by Smart Trader will be distributed among three parties, first Smart Trader himself, second Investors who holds synthetic tokens of Smart Trader and third TADOC holders.

Percentage share of Smart Trader and Synthetic Asset holder is decided during launch of Synthetic Asset on the platform and can only be updated by DAO voting while the Percentage of Smart Traders is fixed 10% of the Profits.

Note: Profits will be distributed, once the Profit Cap hits and trader closes his positions, if the funds in trading wallet are greater than 10% of initial amount,then it will be Airdropped to above mentioned three parties.

We have tweeted our detailed process flow in form of infographics on twitter few days back

It will give more clear picture

Andrew (DeFi Direct)

Okay thank you for that clarification!

7. What is the barrier to entry for TradoCaps? Do you need to pay to utilize that platform?

Crypto Looper

This is an amazing question and i love to spread some light around it

as it's very important for community

There are no barriers to entry into the Tradocaps Platform, its open for all. For investors it's absolutely free as they are the liquidity providers to Smart Traders.

For Smart Traders, when they get onboarded on Platform i.e. Launches their synthetic asset, they to go through in detail KYC and to maintain trust on platform, they have to buy a certain amount of Tradocaps tokens which we also call collateral and lock them for a certain duration, minimum 3 months cliff.

Then, we have plenty of services

Tradocaps Traders Heaven tool repository needs subscription from Smart Traders where they need pay fees for utilizing them for turbo charging their trading skills & experience.

Trader Heaven repo comes with tools like automated trading bots, arbitrage bots, snipe bots, honey-pot bots and auto charting plugin etc..

They can also request cornix integration on-demand, cornix integration is free of cost but premium configurations for cornix which assures profit trades with trailing & other advance features costs one time fee.

All these subscriptions and costs are paid in TADOC tokens only, this is the revenue of Tradocaps Platform where tokens are distributed again in 3 parties i.e. TADOC Holders, Tradocaps Team and Buy back wallet.

Hope i am able to clear doubts :)

Andrew (DeFi Direct)

Yeah Im just amazed by this

Thanks again for clarifying 😁

8. As a DeFi protocol, why do users need to make an account? Does that defeat the purpose of decentralization?

Crypto Looper

You are welcome :)

Great Question indeed

On actual product, users don't have to create accounts, they can login using their Metamask, Binance Smart Chain wallet or Trust Wallet.

Now where is the compromise..


Only the Smart Traders are exclusively audited, Kyc'd on Tradocaps in order to provide a safer environment to Investors.

This compromise is must have feature, as we cannot risk Customer's funds without evaluation

Again for audits & KYC, we just use Smart Traders experience profile and past track record to publish the data about Smart Trader on Platform.

All Audits and KYC's are done by third party and they don't know any personal information about Smart Trader, hence ensuring the decentralization and trustlessness features within ecosystem.

Andrew (DeFi Direct)


So last but not least

9. Any questions you would like to announce here today?

Crypto Looper

Wow, ball in my court atlast


Are you ready community...

Hahha i have a questionnaire prepared for community, and would love to engage with community.

again don't get frowned :P

it's related to our tokenomics and quite a bit easier to answer as its written in multiple section on main website.

What will be Initial circulating supply on TADOC on Launch Day(i.e. 4th Dec)?

Any wild guess, most accurate answer get's 50$ in TADOC tokens :)

Andrew can you open community for 10 sec for quick fire.. answer

Because on basis of same we have an announcement to make

Andrew (DeFi Direct)

Okay I locked the room again

Crypto Looper

Lol, people have questions

Crypto Looper

No answers


Andrew (DeFi Direct)

We got one guess

Crypto Looper

That's incorrect :) and quite far away

Correct answer is 42M

(70% of token Seed and IDO round)

12% is total fund raising for both rounds and 70% vesting on TGE

Now, announcement :)

As a good will gesture and 3.5M Seed tokens(to be released as per TGE) of Alphatrix Ventures will be locked for another 6 months from day of launch.

Hence only 38.5M tokens will be coming into circulation on PancakeSwap launch which is just 7.7% of total supply :)

Note: No new token will be coming into circulation till staking launch, and capped 100K vesting will be happening from staking reserves every week to reward staking participants :)

So only 7.7% of total supply :)

Again it will be minting contract, so only 8.4% and 0.7% locked

which will leave Initial circulation at 38.5M :)

Andrew (DeFi Direct)


And would you be able to provide us with the links to your social media?

Crypto Looper

Telegram :

Twitter :    



Andrew (DeFi Direct)

Okay great! Make sure to go and check out TradoCaps everyone!

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