TORJ AMA Transcript

BSC.NEWS hosts TORJ,A mix of self-sufficient monetary policy of TORJ as Decentralized Financial Token, with Streaming of high-quality content. All questions answered by Kamil Machecki - Santos (@mannys899)

March 10, 2021

Crypto Shrimp (AMA Host): Let’s welcome the TORJ Team today for an AMA at BSC News, its a pleasure of mine to be hosting this event. How are you guys today ? @mannys899 @peerz3m111111

Kamil Machecki - Santos: Hello, nice to meet You all, its a pleasure for us to be a part of that event with You.

Q1 First of all, could you introduce yourself and your team members who are in TORJ? What are your past experiences?

Kamil Machecki - Santos: I am Kamil Machecki my role in TORJ project its CTO, I have 5 years experienced in local tv station as an manager. Also I am a blockchain enthusiasts from 2016.  Except me at team the main person is our CEO - Przemysław Kamiński which is responsible for all shape of TORJ he is controlled our sources and creating of all ideas inside the project. Soon at our introduction video ( which will appear in less than 10 days )You can meet Przemysław and listen his short interview.

Crypto Shrimp (AMA Hos)t: nice so i guess your team aren't going the anon approach btw you will be the only one answering in the AMA? or will Przemysław Kamiński be speaking as well so that I wont neglect him in anyway

Kamil Machecki - Santos: We are doxxed and some of our members will be very active in all media so You will get many information about us during the development . Some of our faces will be full visible all the time :) I will repsond for the questions by myself only .

Crypto Shrimp (AMA Host): ok noted thats a nice change in BSC cause mostly are anon

Kamil Machecki - Santos: Agree its often correlated with the bad end of the project too.

Crypto Shrimp (AMA Host): how big is the team on TORJ beside you and CEO Przemysław Kamiński

Kamil Machecki - Santos: We have other 2 main supporters like : Marcin Witkowski which is responsible for copywriting of whole scenarios of our future Streams and shows, and Mostafa Bahrami which will be technical and programming support for our features .

Q2 What about the team’s dev? How long have they been coding and what experiences do they have?

Kamil Machecki - Santos: Our devs got 6 years experienced in coding and programming as a proffessionalist mostly for commercial work. With blockchain they are working since 2 years .

Q3 Do give us an overview of what TORJ is about?

Kamil Machecki - Santos: TORJ its project focused on streaming shows which will be an offer for people already interested in blockchain cryptocurrencies, we want to connect Entertainment with knowledge and information and give to people interesting products in that sector.  Also TORJ will be a staking farm which will allow to increase the value of the investments.  It's combined with these 2 main features .  According to our first mission (streaming) we want Create many things connected with interesting model sessions and animations.

Crypto Shrimp (AMA Host): this is a new thing actually, who would have thot combining streaming shows and defi Im curious does TORJ actually mean something or it an acronym ?

Kamil Machecki - Santos: Its connected with spanish / italian Toro (Bull)

Crypto Shrimp (AMA Host): ahh okok unique

Q4 What are the tokenomics of TORJ?

Kamil Machecki - Santos: Maximum supply : was 10,700 000 TORJ but we already burned like 34% of it so the total amount of TORJ is 6 982 000 . Team got 800k  Also 600k is reserved for Staking, We plan to make another 2 rounds of Burns in the near future .

Crypto Shrimp (AMA Host): So $TORJ is actually deflationary

Kamil Machecki - Santos: Exactly,

Q5 How does the burn work? Is it a traditional buyback burn kind of concept or its another way?

Kamil Machecki - Santos: We burned in traditional way the tokens but,  In our whitepaper we also have a section which is about the „buy back policy” . We want to spend 50% of our incomes from our activities to buy TORJ from the market .  Already we get about 7k of TORJ by this idea.  We got a buy back policy wallet allow to check and track - You can find it at our telegram pinned message .

Crypto Shrimp (AMA Host): thats great and you have burn 34% already, its amazing

Kamil Machecki - Santos: Yes the supply of our first burn round its 34% .

Q6 How does this project generate revenue for the investors?

Kamil Machecki - Santos: We will use a YouTube platform to display our Streams,so first part of incomes will be the funds from advertisement sector, also we will be open for product placement connected with blockchain services, some of our streaming activity will be connected with donates ( its easiest way to ask a questions on Stream or send some Greetings). Also we want to open some kind of NFT with our TORJ gadgets.

Q7 Will there be liquidity pools or it's just staking for tokens like you mentioned earlier?

Kamil Machecki - Santos: Already we got opened liquidity pool at PancakeSwap exchange,  In the near future the staking method will be on.

Q8 What's the use case of $TORJ? Will it enable investors to have special access or is it just to stake for another token and do farming in this case with PCS?

Kamil Machecki - Santos: In first main way it will be a currency as a DeFi role. Also You can pay for our gadgets and items by TORJ too. We want to open a small shop soon. We have many ideas about our TORJ mascot character which will be a Bull (You can find him at our telegram miniature) also we want organise many contest with rewards (TORJ)

Crypto Shrimp (AMA Host): i see so it will be like a currency for you to use in the future

Kamil Machecki - Santos: Yes by progress of the development we will open new ways to use TORJ according our many activities .

Q9 What are the security measures in place to protect the investors? Are there audits being done to prevent any bad codes or exploits?

Kamil Machecki - Santos: Each programs like staking will be ensure by solidity experts hired from 3rd parties. Its main cause that we already didnt release the staking.

Crypto Shrimp (AMA Host): i see i guess good things takes time and rushing will make matters worse sometimes

Kamil Machecki - Santos: Yes, now we had some few silent days but from now we will release each day new things and features.

Q10  If there are project that wants to collaborate with TORJ what are the possible ways of getting around it?

Kamil Machecki - Santos: must go through the basic three principles that we will follow when choosing cooperation: a verified team, uniqueness, professional approach. The projects could write to us about possible cooperation and if we meet each other by these few rules we can go forward and can guarantee nice options for launchpad

Crypto Shrimp (AMA Host): thats good principles to work with

Kamil Machecki - Santos: Yes, in the past all of us got bad experiences with ERC20 DeFi coins with catchy names and nothing more. We want to avoid that kind of sector of crypto.

Q11 will there be collaboration with other projects upcoming?

Kamil Machecki - Santos: it is too early for that, first we will show our product and produce our programs  to show viewers what path we want to go, when we build a community we will be ready for cooperation.  we want everything that we provide to our users to be interesting for nothing and not just an opportunity to profit as part of the "pump and dump" strategy

Crypto Shrimp (AMA Host): that's great stuff, ensure organic growth in the project is impt and not rush things!

Q12 Do you have a roadmap or long term development plan for the audience today?

Kamil Machecki - Santos: Yes its available at our main page. Actually we got roadmap till end of 2021 and Q1 of 2022 when whole main ideas will be done.

Q13 Share with us the links of social media/medium/TG related to TORJ, so that we can find out more about the project.

Kamil Machecki - Santos: Also it will be the time when we reach advanced mode of our development .

TORJ original TORJ streaming currency

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Kamil Machecki - Santos:

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Q14 Lastly my famous question, are you able to disclose any alpha or juicy news for our audience today?

Kamil Machecki - Santos: Ok. Our first introduction video will be released at 18.03.2021 ,  Also in every hour coingecko can approve us and add to the list (we already applied last Tuesday),

Crypto Shrimp (AMA Host): wow great news and congrats in advance too

Kamil Machecki - Santos: Thank You

Crypto Shrimp (AMA Host): Thank you for your time today here in BSC News, hope that you have enjoyed your time. And I'm sure we know more about TORJ now!

Kamil Machecki - Santos: Thank You too , I hope that users from BSC News will check us :)

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