Tier One, Asian ESports Giant, Ventures Into Web3

Tier One Entertainment, a Web2 eSports, gaming, and entertainment talent management company, is taking their business to the world of Web3.

From the Philippines to the World

Tier One Entertainment, a top Asian talent agency that focuses on content creation, gaming and eSports in the Web2 space, has decided to expand into Web3.

Tier One was founded in 2017 by world-class cosplayer Alodia Gosiangfiao, top Philippine shoutcaster Tryke Gutierrez, and Philippine ESports Organization founder Brian Lim, to provide quality gaming and eSports entertainment in South East Asia. Now the company is focused on building their Web3 capabilities and integrate that with its existing Web2 departments.

“The first thing we worked on before going into Web3 was to go through the due diligence of understanding what the space is all about and what gap we can fill in its ecosystem,” Adam Vinluan, Tier One VP of Crypto, told BSCNews. “Tier One's strength is the traffic and the reach that we have. The thought process was with all the IPs that we have and the marketing machinery that we've created, we're positioned to utilize the tools that are developing now in web 3 to provide more value to our community and our brand.”

The team has a lot of plans laid out after doing its research on Web3. They’re building their Alliance program, which is an exclusive program looking to build a lineup of Web3 influencers and personalities, looking to host Web2-based gaming tournaments for Web3 guilds, and are planning to launch a gaming-focused launchpad as one of Tier One’s Web3 platforms.

Vinluan also shared that their Web3 platform is currently in development, with the initial utility being a launchpad with a pipeline of games from different developers that have been filtered by Tier One Entertainment. More utility will be added to this platform so that it won’t just attract top projects, communities and investors, but also create an avenue for their community to connect with Tier One talents and personalities.

“We are well-known for our talents and content. The main value we think we will bring in Web3 is our ability to generate and bring traffic through viewership and customer conversion,” Vinluan said. “We want to be able to provide the marketing machinery that we have in Web 2 to bring traffic to the existing and upcoming projects in the Web3 space.”

With more than 120 million followers across the social platforms of their 1,000+ talents across Asia and a network of top-tier gaming companies, like Riot, Tencent and Garnea, Tier One might soon become a familiar name in the Web3 space.

Check out their website for more details on Tier One Entertainment.

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