This NFT is Flying off the Shelves: LiL Moon Rockets

LiL Moon Rockets is a digital vector pop-art NFT collection consisting of 13337 unique art pieces stored on the Binance SmartChain as NFTs.

March 4, 2021


Just one week ago, Tenens Fortis DAO released the NFT project website and contracts for the LiL Moon Rockets project , and until now, about 2/3rd of the supply is already sold. On the 16th of March the NFTs' artworks will be revealed, or earlier if all sell out before that.

Proven Scarcity, Unique Traits

Only 13337 LiL Moon Rockets will ever come into existence. A digital vector pop-art NFT collection on the BinanceSmartChain is being minted at rocket speed. The actual LiL Moon Rockets collection was curated out of 272,160,000 possible combinations using a unique proprietary random number generation algorithm.

Every artwork has unique traits. Variants in color, color scheme, pattern, size of the pattern, rocket base, rocket window, hitchhiker, and other attributes. Can you spot them all? Each of the 13337 NFTs is unique. The owners make the artwork even more remarkable as they can give their artwork(s) a unique name.

NFT Artwork Reveal

The team aims to make the distribution of the LiL Moon Rockets as fair as possible. During the initial acquisition phase of 3 weeks (still two more weeks to go!) the future owner will not know which artwork was purchased.

All NFTs have already been sequenced (you can view the provenance records here), but they have not yet been assigned to the smart contract. At the end of the initial acquisition phase (or earlier if sold out), the final sequence starting number will be set using an on-chain random entropy mechanism. It is only then when the NFT will get its final artwork assigned.

LiL Moon Rockets' Native Token: NYR (BEP20/BSC)

Each day, 7.37 Name Your Rocket-tokens (NYR) are accumulated by each LiL Moon Rocket NFT and can be claimed by the current holder whenever seemed fit. By burning 1337 NYR (about half a year of accumulating), you can change your LiL Moon Rockets’ on-chain name. After exactly five years, on 26 January 2031 (Timestamp: 1927206000), the last NYR will be emitted, and from then on, the NYR token supply can only decrease.

Bonus NYR-tokens 

LiL Moon Rocket NFTs, which are minted during the first 21 days of the initial acquisition phase, will receive 1.5 years worth of NYR (3 * 1337 NYR, the equivalent of 3 name changes). After the 21 days, ending on March 16, each sold (if still available) LiL Moon Rocket will start with enough supply for a single name change only (1337 NYR).

The NYR tokens are only used for changing the LiL Moon Rockets’ name. That's the intended use case per Tenens Fortis DAO. However, as they are BEP/BSC20 compatible, some holders have been setting up liquidity pools on several DeFi platforms using the NYR token.

Getting Your Hands on Some Rockets

Use MetaMask with BinanceSmartChain or TrustWallet app


Get your rockets by interacting with the smart contract

LiL Moon Rockets Project Summary

LiL Moon Rockets are going to the moon 🚀 Vector Pop-Art Collection of 13337 collectibles

End of initial distribution: Tuesday March 16, 2021 @ 1:33:37 PM UTC

For information on LiL Moon Rockets, check out the following resources:

Contract LiL Moon Rockets 

Contract NYR-token 




Overall it is vital to proceed with caution when purchasing tokens that have just been listed. For those who have not already read our articles on safety in the BSC it is crucial to reference the following items, HERE and HERE.

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