Thena Launches on BNB Chain, Partners with Step App

by BSC News

January 5, 2023


Thena has launched with several different incentivization options for new users to join the ecosystem.

ThenaFi Arrives, Joins with Step App

Thena has officially launched on BNB Chain, pushing an airdrop and emissions voting to incentivize users to join the project.

Thena has launched on January 5 with a selection of liquidity pools, many of which are linked with BNB tokens or are built in high-generating “Core Pools.” The project also incentivizes new liquidity providers and will launch indefinite staking emissions for the $THE token on January 12.

Thena will begin issuing weekly rewards in Epoch 1 after the Core team overcomes liquidity incentivization issues with Epoch 0. Users can transfer funds to Thena on BNB Chain using bridge MultiBridge or Bungee.

Thena also launched in partnership with over 20 partners, including Step App, listing the FitFi token on the new Decentralized Exchange (DEX). Users can farm the FitFi token and earn $THE beginning after the first epoch of Thena.

What is Thena:

Thena is a next-generation Automated Market Maker (AMM) on the BNB Chain. It is set to become the first truly native liquidity layer within the BNB ecosystem that has a “by design” collaborative approach. It is home to a self-optimizing decentralized exchange and a liquidity layer owned by protocols and the community.

Where to find Thena:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | LinkTree |

What is Step App:

Step App is a gamified health metaverse for the fitness ecosystem, powered by augmented reality. The platform rewards users for socializing and participating in fitness activities like walking, running, and jogging.

The protocol has its native blockchain, Step Network which is an Avalanche subnet, and token, $FITFI, powering its health metaverse. The platform recently launched the “Step Ecosystem Fund” to provide incentives for teams building on Step Network.

Check out the following media pages to learn more:

Website | Twitter | Telegram