The Wild Growth of BRC-20 Ecology

As the BRC-20 ecosystem continues to grow rapidly, Bisoswap protocol, the first network-wide swap protocol developed based on the Ordinal protocol, has been created to provide a more convenient way to trade BRC-20 tokens.

Upon hearing about BRC20, many crypto market users reminisced about the summer of 2018 and the promise of a bull market around the corner. 

"April belongs to the MEME army, while May will be the world of BRC-20", which has almost become a consensus among crypto market users.

Since May, the BRC-20 concept token based on Ordinals ecology has been growing wildly and expanding rapidly amidst the high attention of market users, and a huge wealth creation effect has been formed in just one week.

According to Ordspace data, the current market has more than 8,800 BRC-20 tokens, and the total market cap of BRC-20-related concept tokens has reached $137 million, an increase of 682% from last week.


Except for the Ordi tokens initially issued based on Ordinals, the popular BRC-20 tokens in the market are still mainly MEME concept tokens such as pepe, punk, domo, etc. In the past week, BRC-20 concept tokens have all risen to different degrees, thus driving a strong speculative value and wealth creation effect.

BRC-20 concept tokens have become a major hot spot in the cryptocurrency market recently, and have almost entered a universal coin offering mode; no doubt, driven by the market enthusiasm and wealth creation effect, this track will also usher in huge incremental volume and unlimited potential.

Now and Future

Essentially, the main advantages of the BRC-20 concept token lie in the market fervor brought about by the new paradigm, and the fact that this round of 'inscription' effect has already breathed new life into the Bitcoin network: 

One, serial numbers and inscriptions have brought new energy to Bitcoin development, prompting a number of new stakeholders with different voices and perspectives to join the BTC ecosystem, and ultimately injecting new money and market buzz into the ecosystem. 

Secondly, as transactions on the BTC network proliferate and the transaction fees paid to miners continue to increase, the rise in miner fees will also ultimately incentivize miner enthusiasm and enhance the security of the BTC network; this of course means that inscriptions and innovations based on the BTC network will increase the long-term sustainability of Bitcoin.

So, the ultimate impact could be twofold: 1. Increased Bitcoin miner fees; 2. Possible promotion of cultural transformation within the Bitcoin community.

All in all, the Ordinals ecosystem is still in its infancy, and the ecosystem has infinite room for imagination for players.

Some communities even believe that Ordinals' current stage is similar to the 21-year NFT period, with its core liquidity replacement medium being BTC. As tokens and 'inscription' products increase in this ecosystem, users and investors will flock to it, and it may even become the next emerging track to take off.

BRC-20's Most Needed Product: Swap

The explosion of BRC-20 tokens has certainly driven the activity and emerging value of the BTC network, but new problems have come along with it.

As the variety of tokens and users on the BTC ecosystem grows, problems such as long block-out times, high miner fees, and network congestion on the Bitcoin network will gradually be exposed.

Therefore, the trading market for BRC-20 tokens is also bound to give rise to a large number of on-chain trading products, namely the Ordinal-based Swap application.

According to media sources, the first network-wide BRC-20-based Swap has been born. The trading platform is called Bisoswap, which is the first network-wide swap protocol developed based on the Ordinal protocol and provides liquidity for the BRC-20 ecosystem;

Bisoswap was originally created to improve the liquidity of the continuously growing BRC-20 token, which is, of course, a pressing issue in the development of the BRC-20 ecosystem.

According to official information, the Bisoswap protocol will provide LP trading liquidity pools and real-time trading for the entire BRC-20 token trading market, and will also solve the problem of complex BRC token trading, making it easier for users to buy, sell and add liquidity pools.

In addition, the Bisoswap protocol will be the first attempt to bring the BTC network into LP mode, bringing a richer trading experience to users while also helping them diversify their use of BRC-20 assets.


As we all know, one of the core attractions of the BRC-20 concept token is that "the token is completely fair-launched, with no dealer".

So, in the long run, what the BRC-20 concept token needs is not a large number of shelves on decentralized exchanges, but access to a more convenient way to trade on-chain.

In short, the BRC-20 ecology has already started to generate a large amount of demand for Swap, and in the future, as the BRC-20 concept tokens blow up, user demand for BRC-20 ecological layer Swap will also show explosive growth.

As a pioneering product on this track, Bisoswap will also receive a strong influx of traffic and room for development in the future. When the BRC-20 track starts to grow explosively, Bisoswap is the next uniswap.

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