The Weekly BSC News NFT Roundup: Top NFT Collections to Look for on BNB Chain

by BSC News

August 25, 2022


This week's NFT round-up features some top projects on BNB Chain, projects on mint, and upcoming NFT projects.

Potential NFT Projects on BNB Chain

Attention is gradually shifting toward BNB Chain for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) due to its fast transaction speeds and low costs. Furthermore, BNB Chain supports Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and smart contracts capabilities without reducing throughput or causing network congestion.

This week's BSC News NFT round-up focuses on some of the notable NFT collections that have already made their mark on BNB Chain, as well as some unique collections still on mint. Let’s dive into it:

Pancake Squad:

If you are a BNB Chain community member, you must know about Pancake Squad, the first PFP collection on BNB Chain. The collection sold out seconds after its October release, and trade volume soared to $9 million. PancakeSwap, the leading Decentralized Exchange (DeX) on BNB Chain, brought together the NFT collection, designed by Cecy Meade. No NFT collection on BNB Chain has been able to match the huge volume of Pancake Squad, which still has the highest 24-hour volume, according to NFTKey.



After Pancake Squad, PixelSweepers drew the most attention to BNB Chain as a PFP NFT collection. The NFT collection was brought to life by the team members at Rareboard. This project plans to sweep away different BNB Chain NFT collections and redistribute them to PixelSweeper holders. Despite a huge BTC dump before, PixelSweeper was sold out within a few hours of its launch with a total volume of 11,333 BNB.


Non Fungible Apes (NFA):

Another major BNB Chain DEX, ApeSwap, released this NFT collection of 1,000 uniquely rare and immutable digital apes. ApeSwap has attracted attention since it was launched on BNB Chain, as evidenced by its sales of NFT collections. NFA’s volume stands at 15,702 BNB, with a floor price of 1.54 BNB, according to Rareboard.

Recently, ApeSwap merged its NFA and Non Fungible Banana communities into a single ApeSwap NFT community.


The Bull Society:

This PFP collection of 7,777 hand-drawn bulls on BNB Chain has garnered much love among its community. However, there is more to The Bull Society than just an NFT collection. A whole ecosystem surrounds it, including a marketplace and a launchpad. Holders receive a portion of all sales made on the Bull Society marketplace, including future BNB Chain projects. Members-only giveaways and events are also available to holders.


Liquid Monsters (LiMO):

Liquid Collectibles allow NFT projects to become “liquid,” with features including instantly trading NFTs, better price discovery, and new profit opportunities through Decentralized Finance (DeFi) utilities like yield farming and stake pools. It wasn’t surprising that Liquid Collectible’s NFT Collection Liquid Monsters would attract some attention: LiMO-BNB staking ran as high as 233.25%!


Now let’s look at some unique NFT collections that are still minting:


MoonPets is a new NFT collection on BNB Chain created by Cecy Meade, the same artist who created Pancake Squad. The collection is dynamic, meaning that all the 11 NFT attributes will be interchangeable among the other pet NFTs. As of writing, only 85 pieces remain to be minted out of 5,565 NFTs. Additionally, the team promised to bring utilities to the NFT, and more updates will follow.



Oddblox is an on-chain generative art series. On mint, a verifiably random hash is generated and serves as the piece's DNA. As a result of this coded strand, the composition's shapes and colors are created. Oddblox's core utility is ownership of art. According to KD, the project developer, the idea behind the launch of the invention was to bring Oddblox NFTs into people's homes.


Honey Shots:

Owners of Honey Shots NFTs will get benefits as the team aims to to sweep the floors of BNB blue chip NFTs, Fancy Bears and Othersides. Further, holders will gain access to future Fancy Bears and TraitSwap benefits, such as buying tickets to events, buying generic merch, or purchasing TraitSwap mints.

The only way to participate in the project is to get on a whitelist. There are only a few Honey Shots NFTs left to be minted, according to Rareboard.

Upcoming NFT Mints:

Below are some of the upcoming NFTs according to NFTCalender and NFTDropsCalender:

  1. Ziggyversse NFTs: Aug. 30 for whitelist mint and Aug.31 for Public mint.
  2. Icon Worldz NFT: Sep 1
  3. Nifti Scavenger Hunt: Aug. 26 - Sept. 2
  4. Eternal Zombies: Sept. 3

We have talked a lot about NFTs on BNB Chain today. But if you think we missed anything -- we think so, too! BNB Chain is also home to innovative GameFi projects that require you to buy NFTs in order to participate, but that would be too much for this article. How about we meet again next week, when we will discuss GameFi NFTs and how they are performing on BNB Chain?

Until then, stay tuned! Buh-bye!

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