The Real Truth About LYOPAY Crypto Ecosystem

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January 16, 2023


LYOPAY is creating an ecosystem of platforms, offering both centralized and decentralized solutions.

There is a project that is becoming popular in the crypto world. And we know that, no matter how many companies there are, it is a sector where information travels fast and reaches everyone's ears and eyes.

The latest trend of the moment seems to be LYOPAY, a crypto ecosystem of products ranging from crypto exchanges to bitcoin travel platforms.

What is LYOPAY for real? Is it a project destined to last over time? Here are our two cents.

The Origins

The project was presented on the market in the summer of 2020. The initial offer was to create a super-app for crypto payment services: then, the direction moved towards creating a real ecosystem of platforms and branded stand-alone products, LYOPAY.

The first portal was LYOPAY, with the app and payment services. It was successful in Europe, where they had provided the EUR IBAN account service, as well as cryptocurrency wallet storage and swap exchange. Building a community hungry for crypto services, LYOPAY announced the services in development have now become a reality, especially the LYOTRADE crypto exchange with the native token LYO.

LYOTRADE Crypto Exchange

On February 21, 2022, the ecosystem exchange went live, celebrating with an airdrop of LYO Credit (LYO). Since that day, in just under a year, many products aside from crypto trading have been integrated, and today it has +250 cryptocurrencies and tokens.

To start a business as an individual or company on LYOTRADE you can deposit crypto after identity verification which only takes a couple of minutes. LYOTRADE follows the global standard of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) to keep hacks, illegal transactions, and other illicit activities at bay. If you don't have cryptocurrencies, they can be purchased quickly with the buy and sell feature using debit/credit card and bank transfer service.

The LYO token can be purchased with USDT. LYO received a 98% rating in a smart contract audit performed by the Zokyo blockchain team on March 11, 2022. It can be used to make transactions or staking: LYOTRADE has published staking pools over time that have reached 50% annual rewards in tokens on LYO and Tether (USDT).

The Ecosystem of Crypto Products

Many products live in the project, each with its own platform and mobile app. We consider LYOTRADE the starting point from which to manage your crypto wallets. Then, the balances can be used to purchase airline tickets on LYOTRAVEL, using BTC, ETH, BNB, LTC, and others. If you have a shop or a business, then you could choose LYOMERCHANT, a payment gateway to accept payments in crypto in your online and offline business.

The safety of customer funds is a priority. As a result, LYOPAY offers both centralized solutions for wallet storage as LYOTRADE and LYOPAY app, and DEX as LYOWALLET, a non-custodial wallet. In addition, physical cold storage is available with CoolWallet-S branded LYOPAY.

Is LYOPAY a Reliable Project?

The project has several companies operating in most of the world. As their website states:

The project works with several companies worldwide in order to operate according to the regulations of each legislation in which LYOPAY Group platforms are available. LYOPAY operates in compliance with diligent international standards for conducting its operations under the Anti Money Laundering (AML) Framework, and through its Know Your Customer (KYC) and Digital Asset/Fiat Transaction Monitoring procedures.

Based in London and Hong Kong, LYOPAY is here to stay and create a safe and long-lasting project. They are licensed digital assets exchange services, digital assets and financial services, and portfolio management.

Unsure Where to Begin?

The recommended first step is to register on the LYOTRADE exchange. Even for the less experienced and crypto newbie, you can rely on the customer service available daily. Following and learning about the company is a great starting point too.

Visit the following links to stay informed on the next steps and growth of LYOPAY, LYOWALLET, LYOMERCHANT, as well as all other portals.

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