The JOJO Metaverse Announces Dates for Magic War Battles

The long-awaited updates to the PlaytoEarn project give users an important glimpse of what they can expect.

Dardania Havolli
January 14, 2022
BSC News

Series of Updates for JOJO Metaverse

JOJO Magic War will see its launch in February, with the introduction to the rules also detailed and released in January the project team has officially announced.

The announcement, made official on January 11 via the JOJO Metaverse Medium page, detailed the Battle chapter in an update that is likely to excite many. This wasn’t the only update for users, as another swiftly followed regarding their NFT Pool 2.0 release. 

Battle Cards

Within the Medium announcement, the team gave an important look into the Battle Cards and the manner in which users will be able to utilize them:

  • Even though each JOJO NFT has a maximum of eight Genes, during the battle, each JOJO NFT can enter the arena with a maximum of three Battle Cards; 
  • Throughout each of the Cards held by the user in their JOJO NFT, the Card with the highest ATK and two randomly selected Cards will enter the arena, and the Battle Cards will be updated in each game; 
  • If a JOJO NFT has less than three genes, all the Cards owned by this JOJO NFT will enter the arena.

Preparation Stage & Scoring

Users have been notified that up to six players can take part in each arena with five rounds of 15 1v1 games taking place. These rounds will be termed ‘Single Round Robin,’ ensuring that every two players are entitled to participate.  

Prior to the beginning of the game, there will be a ‘Preparation Stage’ that underlines the capabilities of the 15 1v1 games. This stage will outline who the players in the game are as well as their cards and attributes. After finding this out, users will then decide the rendition of their first three cards.

After each 1v1 game takes place in the 15 scheduled, the winner will receive a score of 4, and the loser will receive 0. In the case of a tie, points will be distributed equally at 2:2. Upon completing all 15 games, players will be ranked 1st to 6th according to their performance. 

What is JoJo?

JoJo is a play-to-earn gaming ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain. It aims to create fun and entertainment around GameFi. 

JoJo Metaverse features an NFT yield-farming, play-to-earn games, and a SmartToy, which uses technology to provide a more immersive gaming experience.

Visit JoJo's media pages to learn more about the project:

JoJo Mystery Box Sale Link

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