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The AristoDogs Story: Accusations, Lack of Communication, NFT Project Restart

A new team is in charge of AristoDogs NFT following community accusations against the project founder of failing to keep promises.

AristoDogs Founder Under Fire

AristoDogs, a Cronos-based Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection, has been in the spotlight as the community made accusations against the founder, leading him to turn the project over to a new team.

Some community members accused, the founder, Cesar, of failing to keep promises made in the roadmap and alleged that he had connections to Trippin Panda and CyberClone. Both of those projects are under investigation by Cronos Research due to a lack of communication with the community. But what's the real story behind AristoDog?

In a recent Medium article, the founder said that he is neither part of the CyberClone team nor Trippin Panda. Also, he mentioned that the main problem with AristoDogs was the delayed hosting of the raffle. The founder claims that the secondary developer in charge of the raffle was slow in response owing to many delays.

After receiving backlash from the community, the AristoDogs founder deleted the project's Discord channel. The community did not support this move from Cesar, and he received more negative reactions as a result.

“Many people are very angry with me, and I understand, I assume, but I am in no way rug the project. I deleted the discord because I was tired of receiving threats that at times went too far,” Cesar said in the Medium article.

A New Start

In addition, Cesar said he would entrust Balon_Blaugrana with running the project. Besides the 96 AristoDogs NFTs Cesar already has, all remaining project funds will be sent to him so the project can have a fresh restart.

However, members of the community still questioned the founder's intentions since he announced the date of the raffle without being sure whether the development would be completed in time:

“Project owners should realize that it is better to be transparent and tell the truth straight away than avoid it,” Cronos Research told Web3Wire. “Talking about the issue can lead to understanding from the community, but being silent leads only to the worst scenarios so far. Whatever the true reason behind being silent is.”

Later, the project tweeted that a new Discord channel had been made, funds had been received, and NFT marketplace Ebisus Bay had doxxed the team:

After those positive signs, some community members expressed optimism that the project will turn around:

Currently, AristoDog has a total volume of 123,000 CRO ($15,150) with a floor price of 99 CRO ($12.20), according to Ebisu’s Bay.


What Is AristoDogs NFT:

AristoDogs NFT is a dog-themed community-driven NFT project on the Cronos chain. The project lets you sell your NFT by hosting your raffle. This will allow Aristodogs holders to create a raffle with a Mad Meerkat or a Croskull to win. Purchases of NFTs from different projects increase funds in the AristoDogs DAO wallet.

Learn more about AristoDogs NFT:

Website | Twitter | Medium

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