Thala Labs and Hippo Labs Unite to Enhance DeFi Trading Capabilities

by BSC News

March 9, 2023


Thala Labs partners with Hippo Labs for AMM integration ahead of mainnet launch, offering increased efficiency and liquidity for traders.

Thala Labs X Hippo Labs: More Efficient Trades

Aptos-based Thala Labs announced a partnership with Hippo Labs to enable its Automated Market Maker (AMM) on Hippo's aggregator.  As part of the partnership, Hippo's smart order routing will be integrated into ThalaSwap to enable optimal swap routes.  

Thala and Hippo users will be able to trade with increased efficiency and deep liquidity through this partnership, according to the announcement.

Aptos-based Thala Labs began its journey last October with a $6 million seed funding round. Later, the protocol received a $100k grant after being accepted into Google Cloud and Aptos Network accelerator program. 

Following this, Thala Labs, on January 23, launched ThalaSwap, an automated market maker (AMM) inspired by Balancer and Curve models. Moreover, it has unveiled ThalaLaunch, a decentralized launchpad allowing projects seeking early-stage liquidity and enhanced token distribution a place to kickstart their communities. 

Thala testnet is currently live, and anyone with access to Pontem, Martian, and Petra wallets can try out the Thala faucet, vaults, and stake Move Dolar (MOD). 

MOD is an over-collateralized, yield-bearing stablecoin backed by a basket of on-chain assets. According to reports, MOD's diverse collateral base of liquid staked derivatives, liquidity pool tokens, deposit receipt tokens, and Real World Assets (RWAs) ensure its decentralized, censorship-resistant nature without compromising its capital efficiency.

Meanwhile. the Aptos aggregation layer, Hippo Labs, launched last July, offers developers tools at the compiler, SDK, and framework levels to enhance productivity.

What is Thala Labs:

Thala Labs is developing an over-collateralized, decentralised stablecoin, which will be launched first on the Aptos blockchain. 

The protocol also works on other products to ensure MOD's presence on the Aptos blockchain. These include an AMM, which will offer preferential fees and features to pools that integrate MOD, as well as a launchpad, which will encourage all Aptos projects to diversify their treasury assets into MOD.

Learn more about Thala Labs:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Medium

What is Hippo Labs:

Hippo Labs is an Aptos DEX and money market aggregator. It arrived on the scene to catalyse open-source development and collaborative efforts within the Aptos Ecosystem. It creates an SDK and other tools so that other dApps can access their aggregation layer.

Learn more about Hippo Labs:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Medium

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