SUSHI Co-Founder OxMaki Transitions to Advisory Role

Famed SUSHI Co-Founder confirmed his professional transition into a new capacity following a public announcement.

Dardania Havolli
September 19, 2021
Blockchain News

SUSHI Switch

OxMaki played a vital role in the initial yield farm launch and the subsequent migration of almost a billion dollars from UniSwap to SushiSwap. Now the emblematic leader will be taking on a new role will lesser duties.

His transition into an advisory role had occurred over a week ago, but the move was only made official via an official Sushi forum post on September 18th.

“On a personal level, I’ve put Sushi before my physical & mental health, my relationships, my family, and my friends. I’ll be slowing down for the next month or two,” OxMaki stated. “Building on top of Sushi is certainly in the box, I sadly won’t be shitposting on Twitter might de-anonymize a bit? Writing a book on everything that went on in-depth… Who doesn’t want a ‘The Social Network’ based on Sushi/DeFi from Hollywood?”

The move signals a significant restructuring, and OxMaki’s new role will be starkly different from his previous obligations. The influence will be missed.

New Role Same Goal 

OxMaki confirmed he will be moving away from day-to-day operations and instead will focus on fostering the next generation of teams building on top of Sushi. His support on the sidelines will make sure he uses his invaluable experience to keep propelling SushiSwap to new heights. 

Effectively, this has always been the united aim of the entire organization. OxMaki underlined his belief in the Ethereum community, especially with Layer 2 coming online, and said the progression should herald excitement for Sushi.

“I’ve always strived for Sushi to be leaderless with my role being contributor I hope no one tries to put anyone on a pedestal to “lead” Sushi and encourage decentralization as much as possible there is a few things that are crucial to complete like on-chain governance, referral program for the various products (Kashi & Trident!), oSushi for orienting emission in a transparent manner and so much more,” OxMaki continued. 

OxMaki’s love for Sushi becomes apparent in the announcement. Looking back at all the project has achieved behind his intrinsic role throughout will prompt many to wish him well.

About SushiSwap

SushiSwap is a decentralized exchange and part of the Yearn ecosystem. The platform is community-driven with no central governing figure. It is popular for its exchange among other decentralized finance tools it employs. The protocol runs on the Ethereum blockchain. SushiSwap also has a native token known as SUSHI. At the time of writing, SushiSwap is the 74th largest DeFi protocol based on market cap. According to CoinGecko, SushiSwap ranks as the 7th largest decentralized exchange-based trading volume. 

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