Supercharging Web3 Creatives with ChainGPT’s AI NFT Generator

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June 11, 2023


Powered by the $CGPT token, the NFT generator aims to make the process of creating NFTs seamless for users, regardless of technical background.

An AI-powered visual synthesizer that transforms ideas into tangible, visual, on-chain products has just been delivered by the ChainGPT team. Inviting a new grade of users to participate in the digital economy with its ease of use and intuitive functionality, the ChainGPT AI NFT Generator emphasizes the still untapped potential of Web3 tools supercharged by AI.

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With the introduction of NFTs into the mainstream, the very essence of digital culture shifted radically. Previously unheard-of musicians launched tracks using NFTs with the promises of revenue share to holders, and suddenly became superstars. Painters that were previously tucked away at home doodling on their canvases suddenly roared into fame by simply digitizing their art and uploading it on-chain for everyone to enjoy. It seemed as though almost overnight, artists become celebrities and generational wealth flowed into the hands of creatives.

Inspired by the transformational power of NFTs millions of people around the world rushed in, trying to capitalize on this exciting new technology. While it was stimulating for many to dream about massive potential and play around with business plans, as soon as they went to implement them people were quickly met with a standstill when it came to the creative process.

For millennia, the creation of art has been a laborious task of visual self-expression. Deep commitments in time and effort had to be put forward to produce something of genuine quality. With the introduction of generative AI technologies, history began to change.

ChainGPT’s AI NFT generator takes thousands of years of human creativity and compresses it into a 30-second process that requires nothing more than a simple prompt! The generator equips users that have no technical or creative background with the tools to deploy breathtaking images onto the Binance Smart Chain and mint them as NFTs. From unique 1-of-1 memorabilia to collections of 10,000 pieces, the creation of NFTs has become a comprehensive, streamlined process of accurate requesting and ultra-fast iteration.

Creating on-chain NFT collections was never easier.

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Powered by the $CGPT token, the generator has been designed to maximize its connection to on-chain activity.

Being a proponent of the movement towards an open decentralized world, ChainGPT has tied the generator's capabilities to the $CGPT token. By doing so, a stronger connection between the art and the on-chain world is established. Additionally, as a part of its effort to share the impact of its technology with its community, ChainGPT will be transferring ownership of the NFT generator to the capable hands of the ChainGPT DAO members after the product reaches a certain point of market maturity.

CEO of ChainGPT, Ilan Rakhmanov said:

"At ChainGPT, our main focus is to solve real web3 problems by utilizing AI. Making simple tasks like generating NFT collections, affordable, and well... simple.”

The ChainGPT NFT generator is constructed with a sophisticated stack of leading industry standard AI technologies leveraging everything from Natural Language Processing (NLP) to transformer architecture that makes it possible to give users an intuitive near-human user experience. Of course, the generator can only produce results as good as the inputs that it receives, thereby educating the users in prompt engineering. In turn, by interacting with the NFT Generator, users build what is considered to be one of the most valuable skills in the marketplace today, prompt engineering.

Test it out to see what all the excitement is about:

The release of the generator marks a milestone achievement in the expansion of ChainGPT’s AI-driven products suite and brings the project a step closer to realizing its vision of empowering the world with tools to participate in the digital economy.

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