Sui Network Spike Driven by On-Chain Gaming

by BSC News

July 17, 2023


Sui Network has surged past 22 million daily transactions. This spike in usership has been driven by the new SUI 8192 game.

Sui Network's daily transactions broke past 22 million on July 14, denoting an increase of nearly 65x over the preceding two weeks.

Sui’s sudden surge in usership has been largely attributed to a tile-sliding game called SUI 8192, developed by the team behind the Sui-native Ethos Wallet. SUI 8192 is not dissimilar to the Web2 game, 2048, but is novel in its leveraging of blockchain technology. 

Sui Network daily transactions. Source: Artemis.xyz 

Sui Outperforms Solana:

Sui’s recent traction means it has eclipsed the Solana Network for daily blockchain transactions - a blockchain known for its scalability and gaming-support, but one that has been troubled by multiple network outages over recent months and years.

Sui’s official Twitter account points to the network’s architecture and its object-based programming language as a major factor behind the game and its success.

The State of the Sui:

At time of writing, the SUI token holds a market capitalization of more than $460 million and its daily active address count stands at approximately 250,000. 

By way of comparison, Aptos, Sui’s closest competitor, which was also spun out of Meta’s scrapped blockchain initiative and also uses a Move-based programming language, boasts only 17,300 active daily addresses, according to data from Artemis.xyz.

That said, Aptos’ total-value locked still dwarfs that of Sui, with $42.33 million, compared to Sui’s $13.17 million, according to data from DefiLlama. 

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