Strike Payments App Accused of Missing Breach by On-Chain Analyst

by BSC News

October 31, 2023


Though Strike denies allegations of a breach resulting in the leaking of private customer emails, a well-respected on-chain sleuth is far from convinced…

Reports have emerged around potential security breaches, in particular involving the leak of private emails, regarding Strike - a prominent crypto payments application based on the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

Flagged by well-known on-chain sleuth, ZachXBT, reports have been circulating about scam emails being sent to email addresses linked to the Strike platform, with one user in particular receiving scam mail to an address that had allegedly only been shared with the address.

However, @bitcoin_eagle is far from the only Strike-user to report suspicious/malicious activity.

Nonetheless, as reported by The Block, Strike, which was founded in 2020 and operates in multiple jurisdictions, claims that there is no existing evidence to suggest a breach took place and that customer emails had been unintentionally shared.

"Our security team has been investigating these claims, and at this time, there’s no evidence that Strike was breached", Strike emailed, according to The Block.

ZachXBT: “Tons of Evidence of a Breach”

In response to The Block’s article, covering Strike’s refutation of breach-related claims, ZachXBT countered by claiming that evidence of an exploit does indeed exist.

“There is tons of evidence of a breach. This just confirms you cannot trust Strike with your business“, claims ZachXBT

Even more concerning for Strike, are the on-chain sleuths allegations that the company looked to shirk responsibility for reimbursing victims after its X/Twitter account was commandeered as the result of a SIM swap attack:

“They also avoided responsibility of reimbursing victims after their X/Twitter account was compromised due to SIM swap in August.”


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