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SrnArt Gallery Community Lays Groundwork with SISTA Token

SrnArt Gallery Community ($SACT) is expanding their reach with their new token integration into the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.

NFTs - An Endless Opportunity

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have been a trend in the cryptoverse for a while now. From art pieces to games, even Tweets are now a part of this craze. Art has been introduced to collectors all across the world in a digital fashion. This art can be human-made, but it can also be AI-generated, a whole new kind of art. SrnArt Gallery is seeking to bring the exciting potential these tokens have to Binance Smart Chain (BSC), where they feel NFTs have room to grow. Their SISTA token will be their introduction to the network.


SrnArt Gallery Community’s $SISTA

With an already established community and a capable team of artists, SrnArt ($SACT) started the SISTA initiative. The new token will lay the groundwork to limitless possibilities in the NFT space on BSC. SrnArt seeks to combine NFT and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) in an innovative fashion. There are various announcements in the pipeline from the SrnArt team:

  •  New NFT Collections
  •  NFT Staking Options
  •  Discord Staking
  •  More to come

Two Unique Collections Incoming: SACTAvatars $ LlamaBills

SACTAvatars are unique NFTs with a main purpose of invading your profile picture space - with an interesting side effect. The team will be boosting NFT Staking if users have SACTAvatars as a profile picture, increasing their yield of $SISTA.

LlamaBills is a humorous concept that also boosts staking yields. They have collaborated with quality artists to design their quirky NFTs, which are bills with depictions of llamas in various poses on them. These tokens will also boost NFT staking power, whilst ‘spitting on conventional money’.


NFT Staking Options

NFT use-cases are not limited to these opportunities, however. There have been options for staking tokens to collect points and NFTs on BSC platforms, but with $SISTA, SrnArt plans to evolve the scope of NFTs. SrnArt Gallery will be able to support their community if they stake their NFTs via the SISTA token. Partnership plans are in the works with popular BSC protocols to stake NFTs and earn $SISTA. The team at SrnArt Gallery has elected to let the platforms release the announcement out of courtesy.


Discord Staking

SrnArt is bringing the option to use Discord as a platform for staking NFTs to earn $SISTA - something they will be first-movers on for BSC. By introducing a wallet to the SrnARt Discord channel, by the use of role assignments the community will be able stake and yield $SISTA. The team is excited to introduce this new yield opportunity to BSC, which shows off the capability of the network.



The SrnArt Gallery Community ($SACT) is always moving forward. Being launched only in February 2021, they have accomplished all the milestones they had set for themselves. The success led them to aim for bigger goals. All these new announcements are just the tip of the iceberg, according to the team.


SISTA Public Sale

The $SISTA Public Sale has opened on Bounce Finance, and will last one week.

  • Sale Price 0.025 USD.
  • Presale Link
  • Pre-sale end date and time;
  • Date: July 7th, 2021
  • Time: 19:00 UTC

Make sure to check the contract address when purchasing SISTA and beware of fake sales. Any legitimate sales for SISTA will occur with this contact address:


To learn more about SrnArt Gallery, visit their social media links:

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