Special African “Ori” NFTs Launched Exclusively on Binance NFT

The NFTs were launched on Binance Smart Chain’s top marketplace to promote charity in Africa.

Utulu Hope
November 11, 2021
BSC News

African “Ori” NFTs Debuts on Binance NFT Marketplace 

The Binance Non-fungible Token (NFT) marketplace remains one of the most widely used platforms for showcasing the best NFT collections on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The latest NFT collection to feature on the top marketplace is the African “Ori” NFTs. 

As the name implies, the African “Ori” NFTs originated from West Africa. Two artists launched them, two-time Oscar-nominated actor Djimon Hounsou and Brooklyn-based Nigerian artist Laolu Senbanjo (LAOLU). Both artists collaborated to create the unique NFT collection called “TIME TO HEAL.” 

The TIME TO HEAL collection consists of five limited edition unique animated portraits and one surprise static portrait of Djimon Hounsou minted a thousand times. The portrait was created by LAOLU using his famous body art known as the “Sacred Art of the Ori.” The NFT sale went live on 10th November at 4 PM UTC via the Binance NFT Marketplace, announced via Twitter

“Launching TODAY at 4pm UTC is the @djimonhounsou & @LaoluNYC #TimeToHeal charity collection! Pick up these African “Ori” NFTs exclusively on the Binance NFT Marketplace!” Binance NFT tweeted on 10th November. 

Another Charity NFT Auction on Binance Smart Chain 

The two renowned artists launched the collection to target social and humanitarian issues, representing another charity NFT auction on BSC. What’s more, Binance Charity was utilized for the auction to ensure that cryptocurrencies were accepted as donations to the Djimon Hounsou Foundation. 

According to the auctions page, the Hounsou Foundation is a nonprofit organization that helps to fight human trafficking and modern-day slavery in Africa. Furthermore, through Binance Charity, a percentage from the auction’s proceeds would go to the Foundation. 

“A percentage of proceeds will be given to the Djimon Hounsou Foundation, a nonprofit that aims to reconnect the African Diaspora with the motherland and fight modern-day slavery & human trafficking,” the page disclosed. 

The African Ori NFT auction becomes the latest charitable campaign on BSC featuring the Binance Charity organization. This shows how the organization supports artists to create meaningful auctions for a good cause on BSC. 

Utulu Hope

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