Space SIP Releases New Fun-to-Play and Play-to-Earn Features

The new features boost their platform towards becoming a complete ecosystem, which could lead to extensive gains in exposure.

December 6, 2021


Space SIP (SIP) is a Play to Earn Non-Fungible Token (NFT) RPG developed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The game revolves around the acquisition of legendary spaceships and powerful weapons to wield. Since its very first day, Space SIP has received public attention from the worldwide community. The game attracts players with its magnificent graphics, easy and simple game mechanics for all ages and grades.

Space SIP is an incubation NFT project of Poolz and also the first gaming project to receive a grant from the $500,000 Poolz Grant Program for promising NFT and Metaverse projects. They’re backed by top-notch names in the industry including Poolz, Poolz Ventures, X21 Digital, Verichains, Titans Ventures, ICO Pantera, Basics Capital, Kardia Ventures, Oxbull, Orion, and more. Space SIP has been fully audited by Verichains and integrated with Chainlink VRF for randomized NFTs draws and settling unexpected match results.

Within two months, Space SIP has achieved great success, including 115,000 active Telegram members, 119,000 Twitter followers, and the 1,060 Genesis NFTs sale that sold out in 1 minute. Those astonishing numbers show how enthusiastically the crypto industry is turning towards the Space SIP Game. 

On November 30th, Space SIP officially launched game version 1.0 and created a spaceship NFT fever pitch with over 16,500 NFTs minted and 16,600 web visitors within the first 24 hours. After that, the game continuously released new features that allow players to enjoy the gameplay and, at the same time, generate income by earning $SIP tokens. 

How to Earn $SIP Tokens?

$SIP is the utility token of the game. You can earn $SIP in various ways which correspond to the game's diverse playing modes. Currently you may earn SIP by using the following features:

  1. Mining (available from December 2nd)

Send your unlimited spaceship NFTs to 4 different planets which are also 4 big mining vaults to mine $SIP. This feature allows you to still earn $SIP even if you’re not there playing the game.

  1. PVE Combat (available from December 5th)

Join the fights to defeat monsters and keep the cosmos safe, and you'll be rewarded with $SIP. The gaming experience is extremely entertaining thanks to quality game mechanics and spectacular effects.

  1. Staking

On the Space SIP website, you could also stake $SIP in Staking Pools with APR up to 200%. What an attractive ratio!

  1. Explore Mode (available from December 5th)

This is a fascinating Fun-to-Play mode in which you can engage in cosmic exploration and adventure, and fight against enemy spaceships. Currently you won't earn $SIP with this feature but you will get Exploring Scores, which will be useful in subsequent game features.
With its multiple $SIP earning mechanisms, world-class graphics, and easy, enjoyable gameplay, Space SIP is a rising star in the Play-to-Earn GameFi area. In addition, they use Chainlink oracle for VRF in generating NFTs from mystery boxes, assuring absolute randomness in the process. The Space SIP smart contract is audited by Verichains, one of the leading security firms in the blockchain sector. Players may rest certain that the game is fully fair and transparent.

There are many reasons to be hooked on this fantastic game. This is a real revolution in the NFT GameFi industry since it focuses on both creating compelling gameplay and helping users make passive income. Above everything, it is appropriate for people of all age groups, and a fun and exciting time for all!
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