Attracting Solidity & React Developers is of The Utmost Importance For BSC

As the number of De-Fi projects continues to grow daily, whether it is on the BSC or the Ethereum Network, the demand for skilled developers is only increasing.

November 29, 2020
Project Insight

What is Solidity?

Solidity is a programming language designed for interaction with the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible with the Binance Smart Chain, other blockchains, and Ethereum – the most prominent.

Solidity is compiled to bytecode that is executable on the EVM. Solidity, developers can write applications that implement self-enforcing business logic embodied in smart contracts, leaving a non-reputable (a legal concept that is widely used in information security). Non-reputable refers to services which provide proof and integrity for data and authoritative record of transactions. Those who already have coding experience may find writing in smart contract specific languages, such as Solidity, a relatively straight forward learning process. An excellent place to start is Cryptozombies to see if you are up for it.

Cryptozombies offers a free course:

"Join over 415,672+ students on the most popular course in learning Solidity. As long as you have some basic coding experience, you'll be a master of Solidity with only this course."

There has been an ever-growing demand for Solidity developers, and there are plenty of job offerings. The salary varies from $50,000 -- $200,000 per year, making it a valuable language for coders to learn.

What is React?

React is a front end JavaScript library used for building User Interfaces (UI). React proves itself important as users need to be able to interact with the contracts via websites and dAPPS. React is maintained by a community of individual developers and companies such as Facebook. Code Academy offers courses for those who wish to get started learning JavaScript and many other programming languages.

Again demand for front-end React Developers is significant. The salary varies from $40,000 - $175,000 per year, depending on experience.

BSC Needs You!

Suppose you are a Solidity and or React developer, there are many projects out there looking for skilled people. Demand for developers is seen explicitly on the BSC as it is relatively new and is currently attracting many new projects. Many projects are looking for devs that can build (code) a project or create friendly user interfaces for their dAPPS. If you have spare time and can code, you could make extra income by helping out projects in dire need of experienced developers. There are currently 10,000+ job openings for React developers and over 30,000 job openings for Solidity developers in the USA alone; worldwide, there are many more.

So do you want to be part of the future of  Blockchain? Then go, and learn, help out, and make good money while having fun.

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