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" A blockchain-based gaming metaverse built around exploration and adventure " 

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Hello everyone and welcome to the AMA with Singularity! Today we have @clarenceSGLY joining us to talk about their exciting new project. Great to have you here :)


Hello everyone, I am Anekcahap, very happy to come to BSC News, from Singularity. Nice to meet you.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Alright! Without further due, we will jump right into the questions. Sounds good with you?


Of course, please.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Great, so to kick things off, for those who may be unfamiliar...

1. Please introduce Singularity to us!


OK. Thanks.

The founding team of the Singularity metaverse was formed in 2018, it composed of a group of crypto geeks and game developers from around the world. Its members can be traced back to the “Geek Universe” organization, which was founded on March 22, 2015. It has gradually become its own community – the “Singularity Group” – after many years of development.

Drawing inspiration from a vast variety of media and technology, including film, sci-fi, and the concept of Play-to-Earn, the Singularity metaverse project was officially proposed in 2019 and was subsequently given the green flag by all its members. Hence, the development for the Singularity metaverse has officially started. Singularity’s first public beta has started in 2021 and it attracted a large number of players, and they have experienced the fun of Play-To-Earn. In 2022, Singularity proposed a global ecological development plan and together with other organizations, Wealth DAO, a decentralized and autonomous governance organization is launched, in which the organization is committed to creating a completely open metaverse world.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Awesome! Thank you for that amazing introduction,

2. Can you tell us about the current Singularity ecosystem?


Singularity is built based on the metaverse space, and it reflects the empowerment and value of this world. It will become the foundation of the metaverse and even the multidimensional world, attracting developers to use to build their own independent tools, content, games, and worlds. Ultimately, it will empower the industries, bring out the commercial value and earn industrial wealth from it.

Of course, Singularity is committed to becoming the decentralized metaverse ecological platform for the next era and it will be able to incubate many game applications. Singularity is based on technological innovation and creative innovation, and it combines DAO's governance methods to expand the scale of the metaverse ecosystem. And with that, a completely open metaverse ecosystem will be created.

And of course, Singularity has built a 2-tier structure with Wealth DAO, it also has completed the ecological integration, allowing co-promoting of the ecological development.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Okay neat, so to dive even deeper into that

3. What is the 2-tier structure that Singularity built with the Wealth DAO architecture?


Let me introduce what is Wealth DAO first.

Wealth DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) based on digital creative industry jointly initiated by blockchain and metaverse veterans and Singularity. Its core focus is on digital creative industries. Wealth DAO hopes to become a leader in the Web3.0 era, learn and explore the industrial opportunities of Web3.0 and the Metaverse through decentralized autonomy and collective energy, and create value from it. DAO's comprehensive decentralized governance model allows easier facilitation of the introduction, decision-making, ecological development and governance of the projects. And its token WDOT serves for ecological governance.

Singularity, on the other hand, focuses on industries. The empowerment and value of the industries is reflected through its building of an open and decentralized metaverse industry ecosystem.

It is positioned to focus on the industry, incubate the industry, and serve the industry, and help more high potential projects and teams in the industry to establish, operate and develop. Its token SGLY serves for industrial incubation. Through the 2-tier structure, it can bring in progress to the largest extent, and the progress is shown below:

1) Industrial Incubation Fund: Through the construction of industrial incubation, developers are attracted to use SGLY to build their own independent tools, content, games and worlds, and provide fund support.

2) Industrial application: Provide liquidity and application scenarios in the specific application of various projects in the industry, gather industrial applications and create functional value.

3) Ecological circulation: In the metaverse ecosystem, SGLY can be used for the ecological transaction and circulation of various partnered applications to enhance ecological interaction and circulation.

4) Ecological governance: All participants in the ecosystem can earn many kinds of benefits based on their participation level, governance, perks and rewards, which all these earnings will be given in the form of WDOT.

Thus, under this 2-tier structure, Singularity will rely on the organizational structure of the DAO to discover and incubate more blockchain projects, establish mutually beneficial relationships with important partners around the world, build strategic alliances, and leverage Wealth DAO Industry-leading knowledge and governance to enrich the platform.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

oh wow thanks for all the information!

4. It's cool to hear that there is a 2-tier structure and governance for the ecosystem. What is the governance system like?


Yes, it’s very cool.

And the decision-making process for Wealth DAO is based on proposals, DAO members can make decisions on the DAO ecosystem, governance rules, projects, partners, etc.

The eligibility to make decisions in Wealth DAO is open to all WDOT holders. All members who own WDOT are members of DAO and will be able to make decisions and enjoy the fruits of development within the DAO.

Proposals within the DAO are mainly centered into 2 parts: governance and ecological partnerships.

With such a governance system, and as seen from the initial stage of the project where ideas are gathered and the suggestions and opinions of ecological members in all aspects are taken into consideration, it truly achieved the decentralization of the DAO organization. It also clearly demonstrated the importance of community-led development.

Projects introduced and finalized through Wealth DAO will be incubated and supported by Singularity.

With the premise of broad community recognition and support, definitely, there will be a high level of participation observed when the incubated application launches.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Okay nice! Thanks for that clarification. Let's unpack a bit more as there was a lot I wanted to touch on. So first let's talk about your token

5. How is the current ecological Token economic model constructed?


Ahhha, the Token Economics is the most interesting topic.😁

Just now we talked about the development of the Singularity metaverse ecosystem.

It is inseparable from the 2-tier structure established with Wealth DAO, and its Token model is particularly important under the 2-tier structure.

Total circulation for Singularity's Token: SGLY

Total circulation for Wealth DAO's governance Token: WDOT

SGLY is an industrial token with a total supply of 210 million. When we are designing the economic model, we design in a way such that strong support will be provided for the introduction of metaverse projects, such as 40% allocated for supporting Play-to-Earn in the industries, 8% allocated for incubation support for industrial projects, 10% allocated for operational support for high potential projects, etc.

I believe that everyone is also curious about the price of SGLY. Using CMC's data as a gauge and to share with everyone, SGLY= 1.8 USDT (as of May 20), total market value reached 370 million+ USD, the price of SGLY for the past 3 months rose by 154%+.

For more details on the data, you could check them via BEP20: 0x5f50411cde3eec27b0eac21691b4e500c69a5a2e

As a governance token, WDOT's total supply is 1 million, and this amount includes perks for governance, incentives and dividends.

For example, owning WDOT means that you can enjoy perks within the ecosystem, such as giving proposals, voting, making decisions, governance and application linking.

Owning WDOT can also allow you to enjoy the value, perks, and dividends created by the industries within the DAO.

There is no private placement and no public offering for WDOT.

The only way to own WDOT is to buy it through the exchanges or join DAO, or you can get a corresponding amount of WDOT based on the Initiator/Promoter's contribution value if you become Initiator/Promoter.

☀️There are plans for WDOT to be listed on PancakeSwap, and trading pairs WDOT/SGLY will be open, so everyone can pay close attention to our news and please look forward to them.🌈

Stephanie (BSC.News)


6. It can be seen that the growth and long-term development of the Singularity Metaverse Ecosystem is inseparable from the governance and decision-making of Wealth DAO. How can we become a DAO member?


The organizational roles in Wealth DAO are mainly divided into Initiators and Promoters.

The initiator is the core and backbone of Wealth DAO's progress, the builder of the DAO ecosystem, and the decision-making member of DAO, and he is responsible for helping Wealth DAO to develop globally.

There are a total of 500 seats available worldwide.

Promoters is Wealth DAO's participants, promoters and communicators of Wealth DAO, as well as liquidity market makers. They participate in the ecological development of Wealth DAO, enjoy the benefits of DAO, and contribute to the development of DAO ecosystem and community members.

Members are DAO's lifeline, they allow DAO to focus on its mission while benefiting from it.

In terms of organization structure, Wealth DAO make WDOT as the core contribution value structure, allowing deep integration between governance token and reward distribution.

To become an Initiator and Promoter, one must acknowledge DAO's concept, have the ability to build a community.

And the first project is to participate in SGLY's LP market making.

The minimum amount of funds Initiator needs to invest is 3000 USDT: SGLY worth 3000 USDT.

The minimum amount of funds Promoter needs to invest is 50 USDT: SGLY worth 50 USDT.

Upon participation, one's address will be public for all DAO members to see.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Sounds good!

7. Are there any successful incubation applications in the ecosystem?


Oh yes. The ecosystem has successfully incubated the first GameFi and has been selected as one of the best chain games for many times.

Moreover, with the successful incubation of the first GameFi, the Singularity metaverse ecosystem has demonstrated its advantages and the market adjustment rate of digital assets.

In the field of blockchain games, Singularity will establish in-depth partnership with local and overseas KOLs, well-known IPs and game guilds, and is committed to expose high-quality game applications to the public.

It also helps millions of players to enter the metaverse era easier and achieve a win-win situation between the team and the users.

Therefore, the next step will be to fully launch the development of the metaverse industry and ecosystem, and build a Singularity metaverse industry and ecosystem under the background of Web3.0.

We welcome more application teams and founders with game ideas to contact us.

Together we create a richer metaverse ecosystem and provide SGLY incubation support.✊

Stephanie (BSC.News)


8. With the help of Wealth DAO, what is the ecological goal of Singularity in 2022?


💪The goals that the Singularity ecosystem planned for 2022 is very simple,

that is to build a strong user base and ecological power through Wealth DAO's development and member structure.

This promotes a comprehensive development for the Singularity metaverse ecosystem, and achieves the target of SGLY price exceeding 10 USDT or even reach 15 USDT!

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Brilliant! We will look forward to that!

9. What kind of plannings do you think Wealth DAO will adopt to make the ecosystem develop in a comprehensive way?


Wealth DAO hopes to build the world's most influential ecological international DAO organization through rapid development and build a community that is comprises 100,000 and above industry users.

As such, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, communities and new governance systems can achieve great progress in many games and digital creative industries

The future planning includes:


Wealth DAO will take 10 years to carry out a comprehensive plan and build a metaverse ecosystem with a market value of 100 billion USD through the DAO's governance system.

And secondly

Wealth DAO will build its ecological wallet. With the wallet, it can link and provide support to DAO and the metaverse's millions of users.

This achieves an integration of a big ecosystem, and thus build a multi-chain ecosystem.

Wealth DAO has just started, those who get themselves involved the sooner can have more opportunities to earn rewards.

GameFi and DAO is starting to become the mainstream, so the future of the capital, users, business and new application scenarios will be limitless.

In the future, this will be a market that is worth billions or even trillions. Getting yourself involved will allow one to benefit from more market value.🌍

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Awesome! Last but not least…

10. What are the ways to join the Singularity ecosystem? Please drop your social links here so readers can visit you


We welcome everyone to join DAO, to build the ecosystem and share the value together.


Singularity's website:



Contact for business collaboration:

@Wealth DAO:

Wealth DAO's Telegram:

Wealth DAO's website:

Who to contact in DAO: @WealthDAO

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Awesome! If you haven't already make sure to go and check out Singularity everyone! Super exciting project that you don't want to miss out on :)

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