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ProjectOasis focuses on simplifying user experience in an effort to bridge DeFi concepts together.

October 11, 2021

Struggles in DeFi

Regardless of your current stance on Decentralized Finance (DeFi), it is undeniable that it is a fast growing space. This is largely due to the fact that DeFi offers users transparency and a sense of control that traditional finance is severely lacking.

However, the DeFi space comes along with an extremely high entry barrier. It is not friendly to newcomers. Since DeFi offers control to the user, this means that any action that the user makes is not “regulated” and any mistakes made will be one that costs money. This deters many newcomers as there aren’t many resources to educate them about DeFi.

There are many tools/dApps (decentralized applications) out there that users can make use of to fully take advantage of the growing economy in DeFi but each comes with its own learning curve.


Building the Bridge to DeFi

This is where ProjectOasis steps in. ProjectOasis is a metaverse built for people to socialize and interact with the different dApps and protocols available in DeFi. ProjectOasis aims to simplify DeFi for their users by being a one-stop DeFi hub.

The Oasis metaverse will consist of various Decentralized Exchanges (DEXes), launchpads, Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplaces, as well as Participate-to-Earn and Play-to-Earn elements where users are rewarded simply for interacting within the metaverse.

In the latter half of 2021, there is a huge wave of incoming projects to the DeFi space that offers a metaverse and/or a Play-to-Earn game. This has enticed many newcomers to the space where they are spoilt for choice among the many new offerings.

What Makes ProjectOasis Unique?

ProjectOasis will be a first-of-its-kind metaverse that will integrate all the basic DeFi tools/dApps into their game. They will be integrating various tools that are essential in the DeFi space such as DEXes, staking platforms, borrowing & lending protocols, launchpads, and NFT marketplaces. 


This is where users can “buy” tokens using a swap function. Their project will be on Binance Smart Chain initially and they will be integrating Pancakeswap into the game so that users can directly swap their tokens directly within Oasis. 

Staking Platform

Staking platforms are where users can stake their tokens to earn a reward (generally in the form of the platform’s token). Users can also do their staking through the game. We will have different farms to represent different staking pools and various vegetables to represent the APY, TVL, and harvest. 

Borrowing & Lending Protocols

In the near future, Oasis will also integrate Borrowing & Lending Protocols in the game. This is where users can Lend tokens and use it as collateral to Borrow different tokens all while earning some interests. 


Oasis will have its own Launchpad called OLá to help users explore new exciting projects and gain an opportunity to invest in them. Alongside OLá, they will be integrating other launchpads as well so that users will have access to multiple projects at the same time. 

NFT Marketplace

Lastly, they will have their own NFT marketplaces so that users can trade their NFTs as well as trade in-game NFTs. 

ProjectOasis also comes along with a Participate-to-Earn and a Play-to-Earn model.

Participate to Earn 

Users will also be rewarded for completing certain activities within Oasis via Yggdrasil, an Airdrop Tree. 

Yggdrasil - Users will be rewarded for: 

◆ Holding/staking Oasis tokens 

◆ Participation in mini games/events 

◆ Daily Check-in 

◆ Fighting the Dungeon Boss

Play to Earn 

Users will be able to earn from different aspects of the game. 


Open World PVE - Players will be able to fight various monsters and collect items that the monsters will drop. The monster drops can be used for crafting and trading. 

Resource Gathering - Players can gather crafting resources such as wood, stone, and various ores to craft/upgrade their equipment.


Arena - Players can duel other players to climb in rank.

Leaderboard - Top players will be rewarded at the end of every season.


PVE Equipment Gacha (NFT) -  Players can buy equipment via a gacha system. They will obtain equipment of different rarities with varying attributes. 

PVE Equipment NFT Upgrade (Burn-to-Upgrade) - Players can burn their duplicate equipment permanently to upgrade their equipment.

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