SecondLive Has Big Plans for NFT Marketplace, Creation Tools

by BSC News

September 29, 2022


We had a fun conversation with SecondLive as they talked about their outfit airdrop, NFT marketplace, and upcoming NFT creation tools.

Straight From SecondLive

Do you remember how excited we were to write about the new NFT outfits designed by the SecondLive community, to mark the launch of Binance’s BAB token?

Well, we received such positive reaction from our readers that we reached out to the BNB Chain metaverse team to talk about the airdrop, their Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace, their Gobeti NFT-editing tool and more upcoming content creation tools.

BSC News got into an engaging conversation with SecondLive Marketing Director Olivia G.

Here are some excerpts from our conversation (edited for clarity and readability):

Mah Favorite! Agung Rachmatullah’s design wowed this writer with the gold-and-white contrasts.

Q: Were your giveaways of $BEAN and NFT outfits inspired by the Binance Blockchain
held in Paris recently?

A: Yes. The Binance Blockchain Week is an influential event for the whole Web3 industry. The forms of the offline event also inspired our metaverse and NFT marketplace campaign too. For example, we saw participants wearing event uniforms for blockchain week. Similarly, BAB token’s launch is another amazing new step for Binance.

So, we thought, “Why not design uniforms for BAB token holders, making them own their identity not only in the wallet but also in fashion style?”

That’s one inspiration for the uniform design campaign.

Q: We understand that you are looking to offer more $BAB benefits in the near future. What will that look like?

A: $BAB holders are real users. So we will preferentially open SecondLive’s benefits or qualifications to certain events for these users and, definitely, catering to the NFT marketplace in the future.

We thought this uniform design was classy.

Q: How did you decide on the finalist outfits like Multi, CotNeo, Agung Rachmatullah and others?

A: We first filtered out some disqualified designs, e.g. wrong formats or not designed with our tool. Then we reverted to the remaining designs to community voting. SecondLive adopts DAO governance.

Q: Which NFT marketplace outfit was the most acceptable among the audience so far? Any reasons that made it popular?

A: Multi’s design. We think it includes many Binance elements, better displaying BAB token holders’ identity.

Behold! The people’s choice.

Q: Are you planning to launch more NFT outfits in the near future? Do you already have a roadmap for that?

A: Yes. The BAB holders’ uniform campaign is the second clothes design-related event we had with BNB Chain. We’ll launch more per the BNB Chain ecosystem’s progress.

Q: What strategies are you adopting to stay ahead of your competitors and in the NFT marketplace?

A: User-created 3D interactive content is at the heart of Web 3.0 and metaverse content (the same way user-created flat content and short videos are essential for Web 2.0).

As one of the avant-garde metaverses, SecondLive will soon launch a set of highly integrated and easy-to-use 3D interactive content creation tools and a new interactive space.

By then, the creation link for all SecondLive will be perfected, and Gobeti will undoubtedly be a significant part of this upgraded link, working in sync with the creation tools that are coming soon or in long-term planning. This improved link is indispensable for users in their pursuit of more convenient content creation, self-expression, and communication in the virtual world of the metaverse.

Q: With Gobeti you had already integrated technology like AR and VR, do you have similar plans for using technology for the upcoming NFT marketplace projects?

A: As a costume-designing tool for the SecondLive Avatar system, Gobeti adheres to the technical standards of Avatar's character system. All basic Avatar models (ACG and Realistic styles) launched by SecondLive are compatible with the most widely used AR and VR technical standards.

A screenshot from the interface for Gobeti, version 2.0.

They also have presets that enable easy connections with mainstream XR wearables. Based on the same basic Avatar models, Gobeti, therefore, possesses the same capabilities. In the future, users will be able to apply self-designed costumes without additional adjustments to XR application scenarios and hardware.

Many people have felt the revolutionary changes in the 3D experience brought by XR wearables. Such technical innovations will be indispensable for user communication and the promotion of original content.

The ultimate goal of Gobeti remains the same: to place 3D digital assets in a virtual 3D space and provide users with a completely virtual experience.