SafePal Takes Control of Group C in Battle of the Dapps

A recap of Group C of Battle of the Dapps.

SafePal Secures a Spot in the Grand Finale

Group C of Battle of the Dapps has concluded with SafePal emerging as the victor.

The wallet provider was able to beat out CryptoBlades Kingdom and Bithotel to take the final spot in the Grand Finale. While CryptoBlades won the popular vote, both judges elected to vote for SafePal due to its secure offerings that are integral to the DeFi ecosystem.

If you’re unfamiliar with Battle of the Dapps, check out this explainer article. Listen to the full recording of the event here.

Below is a recap of how the contestants answered each question.

Questions on Security

The first round of questions was based on security. SafePal detailed their individual approach to security for hardware and software wallets. CryptoBlades Kingdom described how their open-source repo and on-chain servers provide a high level of transparency. Bithotel discussed an exploit of their old smart contract and stressed their dedication to security and reliance on continual smart contract audits when necessary.

“Security lies as a foundation of the SafePal brand,” Veronica, the SafePal speaker, explained.

Questions on Longevity

The next round of questions centered around longevity. SafePal noted their experiences evolving from a hardware wallet to a one-stop portal for crypto asset and wealth management. CryptoBlades Kingdom acknowledged the difficulties a bear market can bring and detailed their solutions for surviving in the long term. Bithotel described how their marketing focus has shifted to a community-based approach to help the project stay ahead during tougher market conditions.

Questions on Community

The final round of questions by BSC News targeted community. SafePal detailed how they collect user feedback and input and directly implement these suggestions into product development. CryptoBlades Kingdoms shared how they run many promotions for users and utilize their multi-chain status to keep balance in their community. Bithotel shared how their platform allows users to interact cross-chain seamlessly, including promotions and trading.

Project Asks Project

The final questions of the event were asked by contestants to each other. SafePal asked CryptoBlades how long they planned to support the game, to which CryptoBlades shared their future plans to build a ‘franchise’ of sorts. SafePal then asked Bithotel whether their focus was more on gameplay or earning, with Bithotel replying with their desire to be a fun one-stop shop for users.

Bithotel asked SafePal how they planned to compete with wallets like Trust Wallet and MetaMask, with SafePal responding that their blend of hardware, software, and extension wallets help them stand out, as well as their focus on building on community feedback. Bithotel then asked CryptoBlades about their approach in the bear market, with CryptoBlades explaining their focus on improving their ecosystem during tough times.

CryptoBlades asked SafePal how they differentiated their wallet from others, to which SafePal detailed how they’ve tailored their product based on user demand. CryptoBlades next asked Bithotel what they’ve learned from transitioning to V2, with Bithotel explaining how V1 focused on delivery while V2 has focused on building upon that delivery.

BSC News would like to thank all three participants from Group C for their efforts, and remind the community that all participants are contributing to the growth of DeFi. BSC News would also like to thank CertiK for being the sponsor of Battle of the Dapps!

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