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SafeMoon’s Liquidity ‘Compromised’ for $9M, SFM Token Plummets

PeckShield said a “public burn bug” was introduced during an update by the official SafeMoon deployer.

More Trouble for SafeMoon

There’s been another incident with the SafeMoon project, which announced that its SFM/BNB Liquidity Pool had been “compromised.” On-chain data indicates the amount drained approached $9 million.

SafeMoon CEO John Karony tweeted that only the SFM/BNB LP was affected, and the project’s exchange platform is “safe” along with the wallet.

This isn’t the first time SafeMoon has been in the negative spotlight. In April 2022, YouTuber Coffeezilla published two videos looking into the project’s troubles, some of which predated Karony’s tenure.

In regard to the current incident, blockchain security firm PeckShield tweeted that the code that was exploited – a “public burn bug” – was introduced by the official SafeMoon deployer.

“The upgrade, with the exploited public burn bug, was initiated by the official SafeMoon: Deployer. (Admin key leak?),” PeckShield said.

Data from BscScan indicates that the exploiter’s wallet transferred the funds to a second wallet, which sent a message to the SafeMoon deployer, saying “Hey relax, we are accidently frontrun an attack against you, we would like to return the fund, setup secure communication channel , lets talk”.

Upon news breaking about the incident, the SFM token’s value dropped by about 30%, according to CoinGecko, though it has since regained some of that loss.

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