Safemoon Has Last Safemoon Sunday of 2021

Safemoon explains the final touches to the migration of V2 and looks ahead to have an even bigger 2022, during the final Twitter Spaces of the year.

Kyle Heise
December 14, 2021
BSC News

Last SafeMoon Sunday of 2021

The Safemoon Coin V2 is officially fully supported on Android and iOS, and congratulations on the long wait for Binance Smart Chain users. Key members of the Safemoon team—CEO John Karony and Global Head of Products Ryan Arriaga— joined Twitter Spaces for the final Safemoon Sunday of the year to celebrate the momentous event.

The Safemoon team hosted a roundtable to field congratulatory comments from users as well as answered questions regarding all the hiccups users are facing during the migration. The Safemoon Army had questions on topics like future multi-wallet integration, private key errors, and what will happen to users who inadvertently lost 10% of tokens during migration.

“We’re putting out a lot of educational content on how to migrate so we make sure users know what they are doing,” explained Arriaga. “To be brutally honest, the easiest way to update to V2 and migrate is through the Safemoon Wallet.”

Users were definitely excited with many well-known influencers from the Safemoon Army stopping by to chat. The Safemoon team reminded users to watch out for scams that have become increasingly prevalent surrounding the Safemoon token as well. The V2 drop by Safemoon has certainly quelled the FUD around the project and is an important step in the project.

The Safemoon Army, the token with the largest amount of holders on Binance Smart Chain, has much to look forward to as the New Year arrives. With the integration of a new exchange, the installation of the wind turbines and, the overall growth of Project Phoenix, the project has a ton of work ahead. 

“I’m excited for 2022. We’ve got a lot rolling out and we’ve got the team ready now,” Karony stated at the end of the chat. “We’re in a fantastic spot to launch this rocket again into 2022.”

What is SafeMoon?

SafeMoon is a new altcoin launched in March 2021. It runs on the Binance Smart Chain and is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) community-driven protocol. This protocol slightly differs from other protocols when a transaction takes place. Three functions will occur, reflection, liquidity pool (LP) acquisition, and burn. It also charges 10% fees to anyone that sells their tokens, and other owners get 5% of the fees. This is SafeMoon’s method of encouraging holders to hodl and disincentivizing sellers from selling.   

To find out more about SafeMoon, the following links are available:

Website | Twitter | Instagram | GitHub | Discord | Telegram | Reddit |

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