Sable Finance Launches Incentivized Testnet Campaign

Sable Finance debuts an incentivized testnet campaign with a $30,000 reward pool in $BNB and $SABLE for the BNB community!

 Sable Finance announces its much-awaited Incentivized Testnet Campaign limited to BNB chain users. The pioneering decentralized stablecoin protocol built natively on the BNB Chain will welcome a total of 888 participants to join this campaign, each poised to share a reward from a pool of $30,000 in BNB and SABLE tokens.

In establishing a tight bond with BNB native projects, Sable Finance has earmarked 450 spots for existing users of designated DeFi and Web3 platforms on the BNB chain. These users will be selected via a randomized draw to get a testnet pass.

In addition, 388 spots have also been reserved to be opened for public participation via a variety of events, including but not limited to Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions, thread competitions, meme contests, and various quests on Zealy, among others. Individual users would be able to find more details here and across all social media platforms of Sable Finance. 

On top of the announcement of the incentivized testnet campaign, Sable Finance has dated the BSC testnet launch in June. During such, users will be able to gain early access to essential functions like borrowing & redemption of its decentralized stablecoin USDS; and staking of its governance token SABLE, etc. 

About Sable Finance 

Sable Finance is an autonomous and immutable protocol that uses $BNB as collateral to issue Sablecoin ($USDS), a fully decentralized stablecoin. Free from interest rate, censorship or any type of custodians, our protocol runs with a minimum collateral ratio of 110% on the BNB Chain. USDS aspires to become a dominating stablecoin, used as a medium for lending and borrowing; as routing assets on AMM and derivatives trading; as a vortex of liquidity

To learn more about the missions and visions of Sable Finance, visit the following links:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Medium | Telegram 


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