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Rysk Finance Set to Transform Option Trading on Arbitrum with Rysk Beyond

Rysk Finance is unveiling Rysk Beyond to bring an on-chain pricing mechanism, AMM capabilities, multi-collateral partial collateralization, and one-click options strategies to the options market on Arbitrum.

Rysk Beyond to Launch in March

Arbitrum-based Rysk Finance reveals the Rysk Beyond platform to enhance option trading and liquidity within the platform.

The Rysk Beyond testnet will go live this month, followed by the mainnet launch. Last October, Rysk launched its Alpha with a proof-of-concept on-chain vault called Dynamic Hedging Vault (DHV). The vault traded options and hedged them to generate uncorrelated returns to depositors.

However, Rysk Beyond added some additional features to the current Rysk platform with Rysk Beyond.

Rysk Beyond: What's in Store?

The Rysk Beyond platform uses an on-chain price mechanism to price selected expiries (even those with longer tenors) and strikes.

Furthermore, Rysk Beyond offers multi-collateral partial collateralization that allows option writers to choose the collateral to use, starting with stable assets (USDC) and ETH, followed by yield-bearing tokens. In this manner, option sellers can mint naked options and covered calls and puts according to their risk appetite. 

Moreover, the protocol with this new version allows for the addition of new integrations, such as GMX Perps and Uniswap Range Order, as well as existing systems, such as Rage Trade and Uniswap swap trades, to increase hedging efficiency.

Through GMX, the DHV can trade perps on a highly liquid market without experiencing slippage. In addition, with Uniswap Range Orders, DHVs can place spot-limit orders with a variable execution date and a fixed price for hedges.

Finally, the Rysk Beyond platform allows anyone to trade combinations of vanilla options atomically with just one click. On-chain options are made more efficient through one-click strategy construction, which reduces execution risks and increases capital efficiency.

Rysk Finance raised $1.4 million in Pre-Seed funding led by Lemniscap on February 6, 2023. Rysk plans to use the funds to improve platform security, accelerate engineering and research efforts, and launch Rysk Beyond.

What is Rysk Finance:

Rysk Finance is a DeFi options protocol that generates uncorrelated returns for its liquidity providers while enabling anyone to trade on-chain options. According to the protocol, Rysk users can access high yields while remaining completely transparent about the risks they are taking.

Learn more about Rysk Finance:

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