Rodeo Finance to Launch on Arbitrum: What’s There For You?

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April 25, 2023


Rodeo Financel is currently in closed beta on the Arbitrum mainnet and has already attracted roughly 1,000 users and $300,000 in total value locked.

Tap into New Opportunities With Rodeo Finance

Rodeo Finance to launch on Arbitrum to simplify leveraged yield farming and offer a secure approach to undercollateralized loans.

Currently, Rodeo Finance is live on Arbitrum Mainnet in closed beta with approximately 1000 users and $300,000 in TVL.

According to the protocol, they are launching on Arbitrum because of recent developments (such as Nitro), as well as the buzzing community. Rodeo Finance protocol includes the following components:

Liquidity Pools

The liquidity pools will consist of a compounding GLP. A user can input their assets, USDC, and borrowed USDC, which are then converted into GLP tokens. After that, GLP tokens are sent to the yield farm of GMX, where users enter a pool to receive GMX exchange fees in ETH

Additionally, Rodeo Finance will auto-compound each user's Uniswap V3 yield, which will allow users to grow their LP positions without adding additional assets. 

Lending Pools

A user can stake their tokens in lending pools with the intention of delegating them to other users for leverage. Lenders can charge fees to allow others to use their tokens. 

Rodeo Rocket Vaults

Rocket Rodeo refers to Rodeo's automated and market-neutral vaults. As reported, users will earn yields without worrying about losing their money. 

Rodeo Lasso

Lasso is the first iteration of Rodeo's DAO governance model. The initial Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) model will ask community members for input on which farms to integrate, lending assets to add, and overall protocol growth direction. 

Rodeo Stampede

The Rodeo Stampede is Rodeo's initial and ongoing liquidity incentive program. The Rodeo protocol will issue a token to coordinate users and stakeholders. Participants will be incentivized to use and participate in Rodeo. Most of these incentives will go to passive LPs in lending pools.

Rodeo Bull Club

This is an exclusive program that rewards users for their interaction with Rodeo (and its partners). With Rodeo, participants can unlock unique Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and benefits. In addition to providing holders with exclusive roles in the Rodeo discord, these NFTs also provide utility perks and benefits within the ecosystem.

Furthermore, Rodeo plans to reward users with an airdrop in two stages, Alpha and then Bravo. According to a Bernstein research report, Arbitrum's user-base has grown rapidly since last year, making it the fastest-growing blockchain. 

Recently, Arbitrum surpassed Ethereum in terms of daily activity and daily transactions on April 23. Arbitrum ($ARB) is trading at $1.31, down 0.86% in 24 hours.

What is Rodeo Finance:

Rodeo aims to offer a secure approach to undercollateralized loans. Rodeo allows users to add leverage to popular Defi Strategies to maximize real yields on deposited assets, as well as a place to deposit large assets into a lending pool to earn high-yet-safe returns. Rodeo, which is built on Arbitrum, focuses on simplifying Leveraged Yield Farming through an intuitive user experience and establishing trust through multiple layers of security.

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