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RACA Announces $30M Strategic Investment to Expand Web3 Gaming

Strategic investors in RACA include DWF Labs, a Malaysian gaming guild and Hong Kong AI company.

Investments from DWF Labs, Others

The expanding Web3 gaming ecosystem from RACA has gotten a major boost in the form of $30 million in new funding from DWF Labs and other investors.

Reportedly, the majority of the strategic investment is coming from DWF Labs, which has committed $16 million. Other investors include a Malaysian gaming guild, a Hong Kong Exchange-listed AI company, and more, according to a tweet from RACA.

Components of the RACA DAO ecosystem include the Metamon Non-Fungible Token (NFT) GameFi platform, USM Metaverse, JAZ DID gaming infrastructure and social game Looki Looki Jazzi.

According to RACA, upcoming games include: 

  • “One Action Roguelike 2D mid-core game”
  • “One Tower Defense 2D mid-core game”
  • “<mojo>, one colossal 3D #blockchain, Generative-AI powered open-world RPG game!”

What is RACA: 

RACA, formerly known as Radio Caca, is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that aims to build a new virtual world and the infrastructure around it. One of its projects, the United States of Mars (USM) metaverse, is a three-dimensional planet where users can own land, build homes, and play games. RACA is the native token for the Universal Metaverse. USM Lab is the creator of the Universal Metaverse(USM) and the P2E blockchain game Metamon. The USM is a 3D Planet virtual world where users can socialize, own lands, build buildings such as stores and art galleries, and create and play games.

For more information about Radio Caca, see these links:

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