Pushd PUSHD Presale Accelerates, Enticing Aptos APT and Avalanche AVAX Investors with Potential to Transform E-Commerce Landscape

by BSC News

April 2, 2024


Pushd is poised to capitalize on the booming e-commerce industry, with its decentralized platform offering seamless crypto transactions.

Cryptos that promise long-term gains and offer actual utility are hard to find in the crypto industry. A few of them, like Aptos APT and Avalanche AVAX, have gained traction in the DeFi market. However, their investors are searching for other similar projects to invest in. 

Pushd PUSHD promises utility and profit for investors willing to join its revolution. Its groundbreaking features and attractive presale could help Pushd PUSHD to dominate the e-commerce industry. 

Aptos APT Launches New Gaming Ecosystem 

Despite a significant sell-off in big league cryptos, Aptos APT has skyrocketed since February 2024. On March 13, 2024, Aptos APT released over $334 million of APT tokens. Usually, a move like this typically triggers a price correction. However, Aptos APT maintained upward momentum following the token unlock event.

In February 2024, Aptos Labs partnered with Supervillain Labs to unveil a game demo for Idle RPG. On March 15, 2024, a teaser clip was released for the new Aptos APT games Idle RPG and Project ARK. Since these games are founded on the Aptos APT blockchain, their release marks a significant milestone for Aptos APT labs. Investors expect that these games will positively impact the value of the Aptos APT ecosystem. 

Avalanche AVAX Introduces Meme Coins to Its Ecosystem

The Avalanche AVAX Foundation has introduced a new $1 million liquidity mining scheme. This scheme called the Meme Coin Rush, was designed to develop the meme coin ecosystem on Avalanche AVAX. Meme Coin Rush comes on the heels of the Foundation's recent acquisition of five meme coins native to Avalanche AVAX. 

The meme coins which are Kimbo KIMBO, Coq Inu COQ, Gecko GEC, TECH and NOCHILL, are now a part of the Avalanche AVAX digital culture project. In the first phase of the Meme Coin Rush program, Avalanche AVAX is collaborating with SteakHut and Trader Joe. These two DeFi platforms built on Avalanche AVAX will be used to launch liquidity rewards. As Avalanche AVAX grows, a new project, Pushd PUSHD, is making waves in the crypto space. 

Pushd PUSHD Could Restructure the E-commerce Industry 

Pushd PUSHD is an up-and-coming project positioned to strategically leverage the e-commerce industry’s growth. According to experts, the e-commerce industry could exceed a market valuation of $6.5 trillion by the end of 2024. Pushd PUSHD aims to contribute to this market valuation and potentially yield substantial user returns.

Pushd PUSHD is launching as a decentralized web3 platform that ensures seamless crypto transactions between buyers and sellers. By operating on a model similar to eBay and Amazon, Pushd (PUSHD) grants users full autonomy. Sellers use the Pushd PUSHD platform to showcase their products. This way, interested buyers can buy directly through auctions or fixed-price listings.

There is an opportunity for global investors to join the Pushd PUSHD revolution through its presale. The presale is in the sixth stage, with PUSHD tokens priced at $0.135 each. Pushd's growth so far has enticed even Aptos APT and Avalanche AVAX investors to invest in its successful presale. 

Find out more about the Pushd PUSHD presale by visiting the website here.

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