PLXYER: A PGC+P2E Platform Breaking the Web3 Game and Asset Silos

By addressing the isolation challenge in distributed blockchain ecosystems, PLXYER aims to become the leading platform for blockchain gaming.

With Web3's rise, expectations for blockchain games have soared, particularly in terms of gameplay. 

Enter PLXYER, a revolutionary distribution platform breaking down barriers in the Web3 game and asset space.

PLXYER aims to make blockchain gaming accessible to all, fostering a fair, transparent, and rewarding gaming era.

What is PLXYER?

PLXYER, pronounced as "Player", is a cutting-edge platform connecting Web3 developers and players, empowering gamers to fully utilize blockchain technology for an exceptional gaming experience. Its main goal is to promote the widespread adoption of blockchain gaming, offering players rewarding game experiences and a player-centric economy.

With a comprehensive suite of tools, PLXYER creates a software infrastructure layer that integrates game creation, management, and community ownership.

What is the revolutionary aspect of PLXYER?

After conducting in-depth research on the market environment and combining its own team advantages (a multidisciplinary distributed team with decades of game and platform development experience), PLXYER has defined the following three aspects as the features of the current version of its platform:

Integrated platform for development and distribution

As we know, game development and game distribution are indispensable parts of the gaming ecosystem. PLXYER supports both game development and distribution.

  1. Game development

When it comes to game development, game engines and development tools serve as crucial foundations for creating games with a certain level of quality in a timely manner. Popular game engines include Unreal, Unity, and Cocos. In the blockchain industry, there are also MUDs (Multi-User Dungeons) available as game engines.

PLXYER offers specialized tools for Web3 game development, creating a one-stop service for developers to access the resources and tools needed for game creation. These resources include software development kits (SDKs), application programming interfaces (APIs), in-game social networks, and custom tools for complex game economics. With these tools, developers have a solid foundation to build upon and create engaging, player-centric blockchain games.

  1. Game distribution

PLXYER serves as a game distribution platform, acting as the crucial link between developers and players. In the blockchain-based multi-ecosystem industry, a distribution platform that can gather and distribute many chain ecosystems is required to help developers reach players more effectively and assist players in accessing games more easily.

As with the PC era, where STEAM and EPIC served as significant distribution platforms, a robust game distribution platform is now needed for Web3 games as well.

Game Assets Have Interoperability

PLXYER also prioritizes the interoperability of game assets, which allows players to use their existing assets across various games, resulting in increased game discovery rates and greater participation in different games. This is made possible through the implementation of a multi-Token system and NFT system, complemented by a marketplace function.

  1. Multi-Token System

In order to establish a balanced Token economy, the PLXYER ecosystem adopts a three-generation Token system, including tradable $PLXY and $GXME Tokens, as well as non-tradable in-game Tokens. The ecosystem maintains balance, as shown by the blue and red lines representing buying and selling pressures, respectively.

$PLXY Token is used as a governance Token, used for DAO governance, lobbying for new games, and buying and selling NFTs in the market. NFTs in the ecosystem are interoperable, which means they can be seamlessly used in different games.

$GXME Token is used as a utility Token, used in the game's reward system, including in-game purchases and upgrades, as well as entrance fees for tournaments and betting matches. Deposits of $GXME Token are done through the PLXYER platform, enabling seamless transactions for in-game activities and reducing users' gas fees.

Depositing $GXME Tokens incurs no fees, while withdrawals incur a 2% fee. Once $GXME Tokens are wrapped, users can obtain in-game Tokens from different games. Users can use these in-game Tokens to upgrade and purchase in-game assets, and rewards will also be provided in the form of in-game Tokens.

$PLXY and $GXME Tokens can both be traded on exchanges, allowing for flexible buying and selling. The PLXYER ecosystem utilizes its dual-Token system to create a balanced and sustainable platform for gamers to interact and participate in their favorite games.

  1. NFT

The PLXYER platform utilizes blockchain technology, and all in-game assets are NFTs, giving users full ownership and control over their in-game items.

PLXYER provides a dedicated marketplace where users can buy and sell NFTs using $PLXY Tokens, and users can seamlessly use their NFTs in different games on the platform.

This achieves interoperability and bridging of NFTs from one game to another, enhancing the gaming experience by providing users with greater flexibility and diversity in in-game items.

  1. Marketplace Functionality

PLXYER provides a comprehensive marketplace where game creators and players can trade all in-game assets.

This marketplace allows players to directly realize their rewards and enables game creators to integrate all types of game assets into the platform.

Then, these cross-game assets help build a broader "PLXYER world," which benefits all game creators and players.

Game creators can also open up new B2B revenue streams in the marketplace, which means they are no longer limited to player spending. Experienced game creators can provide assets to less experienced creators, reducing the complexity and time required to publish games.

Cross-Game Social Network

Unlike most platforms, PLXYER provides a dual social network, one for fast-game social networking for players and one for social networking for developers.

  1. Social Network among Players

PLXYER's cross-game social network is a key feature, enabling players to connect socially across different games. They can create profiles, add friends, join communities, and share achievements, fostering a sense of community and connecting with like-minded gamers.

  1. Developer Social Network

The PLXYER developer social network promotes collaboration and technical cooperation among game developers. It offers a platform for sharing ideas, experience, and knowledge, fostering learning and collaboration on new projects. This facilitates potential partnerships between developers, boosting game success and industry prospects.

PLXYER Roadmap and Summary

In summary, PLXYER is a groundbreaking PGC+P2E platform bridging the gap between Web3 games and assets. The roadmap sets milestones: basic platform design by March 2023, internal testing in Q4, and a comprehensive Web3 game portal launching in Q2 2024. 

With a systematic approach, PLXYER addresses the isolation challenge in distributed blockchain ecosystems. As blockchain technology evolves, PLXYER aims to lead the blockchain gaming industry by providing an innovative distribution platform. Leveraging blockchain's decentralization and transparency, PLXYER creates a fair, secure, and rewarding gaming era. With a commitment to lowering entry barriers and reaching billions of players, PLXYER is becoming the go-to platform for blockchain gaming.

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