Pixelmon CEO Confirms Launch of Token MON

by BSC News

December 11, 2023


Going beyond traditional gaming tokens, MON aims to create an IP ecosystem with a community-focused distribution.

Pixelmon is set to introduce its very own token, MON, according to a confirmation from the company's CEO, GiulioXdotEth. This strategic initiative aims to prioritize the Pixelmon community in the distribution of the $Mon token, marking a significant step towards fostering a stronger and more engaged user base.

GiulioXdotEth emphasized that MON's purpose extends beyond being a mere gaming token. Instead, the objective is to establish an IP ecosystem capable of powering and scaling, making MON a multifaceted asset in the digital landscape.

The MON token's design will reportedly be crafted as rocket fuel for intellectual property (IP) with early product-market fit, such as Pixelmon. GiulioXdotEth asserted that the token is the result of exhaustive feedback and brainstorming sessions involving whales, community members, advisors, fellow founders, and strategic partners.

Given his explicit reference to "major CEXs" (Centralized Exchanges), it appears that plans for this move have been in development for quite some time.

Governance Token Empowering Decentralized Autonomous Tribes (DAT)

In an earlier release of Pixelmon's whitepaper, the team highlighted the introduction of a governance token to facilitate the creation and activities of in-game Decentralized Autonomous Tribes (DAT). These DATs are envisioned as pioneering decentralized organizations for IP management, with operational costs sustained through fees on microtransactions.

The token might be used to incentivize Asset Owners, Creators, and Gamers.

  • Asset Owners: Incentivized to source and execute licensing deals, elevating the Pixelmon brand IP and sharing in licensing revenue based on their efforts.
  • Creators: Scaling content for a self-sustainable and expandable game, aligning with gamer preferences through RoG licensing terms.
  • Gamers: The ultimate consumers and growth engine of the ecosystem, ensuring sustainable rewards for all stakeholders.

Recovery from the NFT Setback

Earlier in March 2022, Pixelmon raised $70 million in the NFT sale, marking a pivotal moment for Pixelmon. However, the protocol faced challenges as the highly anticipated NFT garnered criticism due to poor art. 

While the details of MON's impact on the Pixelmon community are yet to fully unfold, this move signals a strategic shift towards a more inclusive and diversified future for the Pixelmon ecosystem. 


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