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Pi Chain Mall Updates Users on Pi-Snake GameFi

The Bounty mode is under development and will soon be launched for Pioneers. The feature will allow users to earn Pi each time they battle with other opponents.

Pi-Snake Drop Update on Bounty Mode

Pi Chain Mall (PCM) has released an update on its PlayToEarn (P2E) game, Pi-Snake. The protocol is finally set to launch the “Bounty Mode” feature for users soon.

In January, PCM launched the combative GameFi with three game modes in the Beta phase: Endless, Limited-time, and Bounty Mode. However, only the Endless mode is live in the Beta phase, but PCM’s latest update on Twitter disclosed that the development team is working on the Bounty mode.

In the bounty mode, Pioneers can kill their opponents and earn Pi. When PCM rolls out the feature, the team will give out new skins weekly to players. Further, there will be a chance to obtain Pi-Snake and PiPet NFT. PiPet is an NFT platform on PCM.

To participate in the Bounty mode battle, users need to use pi to buy a bounty scroll. In the battle, you can get a bounty scroll fragment every time you kill an opponent. Users can also combine the bounty scroll fragments to form a bounty scroll. Further, the bounty scroll can be converted to $Pi.

“In the item backpack, two bounty scroll fragments can be combined into a bounty scroll, and the bounty scroll can continue to participate in the bounty mode battle. It can also be withdrawn as Pi to the user's main network wallet,” PCM’s tweet read.

BSC News will keep updating you about the platform’s development in the industry. Also, we have written a review of Pi-Snake HERE for you to learn more about the game.

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