PancakeSwap X Grizzly Brings Back High Yield on Blue-chip Stablecoins

Grizzly is offering 10%+ yield on blue-chip stablecoin pairs on Pancakeswap by being the first to aggregate their V3 Pools., the liquidity mining aggregator which extends its ecosystem further and further, started with a focus on providing the best stablecoin yields. Holding on to that mission, they are now again the most profitable yield source for Stable Pancakeswap V3 pools and more to come. The team mentioned that mixed V3 pools would also be integrated soon, as well as their cooperation with Thena and the launch of their V2 concentrated liquidity pools. At this moment, users can still profit from >10% yield on stablecoins like USDT, USDC, BUSD, and DAI. Grizzly launched the V3 Pools with their concentrations Algorithm, which automatically concentrated the provided liquidity within the V3 model for optimal yields.

What is PancakeSwap V3?

With the release of their third version, PancakeSwap finally takes advantage of concentrated liquidity models by forking Uniswap V3. This new feature allows users to manually select the range in which their liquidity will be provided, offering a more capital-efficient method for yield farmers and deeper liquidity to the decentralized exchange (DEX). Unlike the traditional linear spread of liquidity over the entire price range, concentrated liquidity enables users to focus all their liquidity on the price range where assets are traded the most. This results in less price impact to traders and superior performance, particularly for stablecoin pairs that tend to trade in the same price range. The range is also already pre-set to the most profitable range for users in Grizzlys aggregated Pancakeswap pools.

What is is a liquidity mining aggregator launched in 2022. The team raised $26 million during their community fair launch, setting a record for an on-chain launch. The project has since expanded its ecosystem by creating its own DeFi Stablecoin, which is currently the largest stablecoin pegged to the Swiss Franc.'s successful launch and ambitious vision have attracted significant attention and investment. The project is now focused on increasing yields and expanding its utilities to boost its Total Value Locked (TVL) and token market cap. Additionally, recently announced a non-custodial Mobile App designed to enhance user experience with the latest account abstraction technology, including a debit card. Already, thousands of people have signed up for the app.

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