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OpenMeta NFT Marketplace Launches on Arbitrum

OpenMeta NFT Marketplace joins the competition for the still-fresh NFT space on Arbitrum, which has been heating up crypto with its DeFi offerings.

Competition for NFT Sector on Arbitrum

Multichain NFT Marketplace OpenMeta has been deployed on Arbitrum, making a play for the Non-Fungible Token space on the Layer-2 blockchain that, as of now, is mostly known for its Decentralized Finance (DeFi) offerings.

Available on BNB Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, zkSynce, and now Arbitrum, OpenMeta bills itself as a one-stop gas-free NFT Marketplace incubated by MDEX.

Arbitrum has become arguably the most popular L2 solution for Ethereum, driven by high participation in the blockchain’s red-hot DeFi sector. The competition for NFTs on Arbitrum, meanwhile, is still relatively wide open.

Other NFT marketplaces currently on Arbitrum include OpenSea, tofuNFT, Gumball Protocol, Trove, Shift, and Agora.

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