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OnlyFans Stars Shine Among Crypto Elite on

The influx of Onlyfans content creators to gained momentum, notably after the platform introduced photo-sharing capabilities. This addition provided users with a novel avenue to interact and share content, significantly appealing to OnlyFans influencers.

OnlyFans Phenomena Shake Up

A new and exciting development is sweeping the cryptocurrency space as content creators from OnlyFans, the well-known subscription-based platform, are making a significant impact on the emerging crypto app

Reports indicate that these influencers are not only joining the platform but also asserting their dominance among crypto influencers, emerging as some of the most trending accounts.

Launched in beta on August 11, is enabling users to tokenize their Twitter accounts through share trading, thereby establishing a direct connection between shareholders and the account owner. This feature also facilitates private messaging, fostering a more personal interaction within the social network. Notably, the platform implements a 5% transaction fee, a portion of which is shared with account holders, enhancing the value proposition for participants.

The recent migration of OnlyFans content creators to gained momentum, particularly after the platform introduced the ability to send photos. 

This addition likely contributed to the surge in users seeking new ways to interact and share content. This dynamic shift is particularly evident among influencers from OnlyFans, leveraging their popularity to thrive within the ecosystem.

According to Dune data, the project went from $180,000 to $820,000 in 24 hours after adding the picture submission feature.

Source: cryptokoryo (Dune Analytics)

Convergence of Purpose

OnlyFans, recognized for its subscription-based model for sharing photos and videos, often of an adult or explicit nature, has found a parallel purpose on Both platforms now serve a common objective – enabling the sharing of paywalled content. A similar alignment of purpose underscores the evolving nature of digital interactions and the cross-pollination of concepts across platforms.

Meanwhile, several top OnlyFans content creators have solidified their presence within the top 50 most valuable accounts on, side by side with established crypto influencers. 

The community's response to this convergence has been diverse and vibrant. Conversations among community members have pointed out the similarities between OnlyFans and in terms of enabling content sharing behind paywalls. 

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