One Million Residents Join MoBox Momoverse in Just 12 Hours

Millions flock to join Mobox and Binance giveaway as token price surges to all-time highs.

Kyle Heise
December 3, 2021
BSC News

Binance Joins MoBox For Giveaway 

The MoBox Momoverse completed a successful integration with the Binance ecosystem and celebrated with a mystery box giveaway worth a total of $1,000,000 USD. The giveaway is underway until Dec. 7 at 00:00 UTC but beware of the massive demand.

The giveaway is running in accordance with Binance. According to the official details,  users are required to scan a QR code on the Binance App for eligibility. Users are encouraged to invite friends for a greater chance of winning. 

“Exploding headWOW!!  A WHOPPING 1,000,000+ Residents Have Joined The #momoverse In Just Over 12 Hours!!” MoBox tweeted on Dec. 1. “Now That's MOMO-mazing!!”

There are only a total of 5000 boxes, so the lucky winners will certainly receive a sizeable portion of the prize. Recognition of the prize opportunity is strong as nearly 2 million participants joined in the giveaway, at the time of writing. With over three days left, the participants are sure to rise. 

MoBox Rising

MoBox has been on a tear as of late. The game of choice for the first Traders-to-Gamers Series by DeFi Direct hit all-time highs for the token price this week. The native MOBOX token hit $15 on Dec. 2nd, but has since settled to around $9, at writing. The token has been on a solid climb for a few weeks, which was capped off by this recent surge. 

With a group of decent mobile games out on a slick mobile app, MoBox is moving in the right direction. The game has a solid foundation and a very marketable brand. The momos are cute, and the name is catchy. 

The game faces the hurdle of living up to the free-to-earn moniker. Although it is free to start and play Mobox games like Block Brawler, there is a minimum threshold required before a user can really start earning.

The difficulty of sustaining fair earning is a hurdle faced by most blockchain gaming in this stage, however, unlike protocols like Cryptoblades who needed to freeze their protocols, Mobox’s looks positions to handle fluctuations in price. The issue will be sustaining this long term––as Axie Infinity is showing, this is an ongoing battle.


What Is MoBox? 

MoBox is a Play-to-Earn GameFi protocol built on BSC with availability on iOS and Android. The protocol combines the best yield farming and Gaming NFTs, creating a free GameFi ecosystem. Utilizing the BSC, MoBox shows true NFT interoperability by combining cross-chain and cross-platform functionality for NFTs. The platform is community-driven and rewards users for their engagement and enjoyment. 

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Kyle Heise

Born and raised in the East Bay of California. He has studied and worked on three continents and lived in eight countries. Kyle resides in San Francisco. He holds bags mostly in ETH, CRO, CAKE, and BSC meme projects.

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