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Nominex Explains CEXes and DEXes on DeFi Direct

BSC News was joined by Nominex CEO Pavel Shkitin, who discussed the decentralized exchange NomiSwap, among other things.

CEX and DEX from Nominex

Nominex CEO Pavel Shkitin joined BSC News on Wednesday to discuss the Nominex centralized exchange as well as NomiSwap, the company’s decentralized exchange. We covered a number of issues with Shkitin, including the difficulties of launching a new centralized exchange in this mature market.

The difficulties of establishing a new CEX come down to trust, according to Shkitin. That is why Nominex chose to partner with Binance as a Binance official broker.

“From November of last year, we became a Binance official broker,” said Shkitin on the DeFi Direct AMA on January 19. “So currently, if you want to trade using Nominex website in fact you trade on Binance platform, but on the Nominex website. And of course, you have some privileges on Nominex which you cannot get from Binance.”

Besides the Nominex CEX, the company has also created its own DEX. Nomiswap is attempting to entice new customers to the platform with high APRs and a highly incentivized referral scheme.

Watch the full interview with Nominex CEO Pavel Shkitin below.

What is Nominex?

Nominex is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange founded in Estonia in 2019. It aims to offer a convenient cryptocurrency trading experience for investors around the world. Nominex is a Binance official broker, which means low fees, deep liquidity, fast transactions and premium security features. Nominex also has its own decentralized exchange option, NomiSwap.

Where to find Nominex:

Website | Twitter | Telegram

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