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No Laughing Matter - 3 Articles on Meme Projects

A selection of articles on some of the most hyped meme projects on BNB Chain.

Intensified Memecoin Craze

The concept of meme coins or meme tokens is not exactly new. Dogecoin, ‘the father’ of meme coins, was originally launched in December 2013. However, after the endorsement of Dogecoin by renowned entrepreneur and business mogul Elon Musk, meme coins took the industry by storm.

Below is a selection of articles on meme coins and tokens that operate on BNB Chain.

Memecoins to Look at on BNB Chain

One thing that is universally accepted about meme coins is their prevalence. However, with thousands of different projects across every chain, it can be hard to find the diamonds in the rough. This article covers trending meme coins on BNB Chain, such as RichQuack, Baby Doge Coin, Kiba Inu, and others.

Read the article here.

Floki Expands Memecoin Narrative With Utilities

A common knock on meme projects is that outside of hype causing price surges, the projects offer little to no utility. This article covers how Floki seeks to change that narrative by introducing a variety of utilitarian features into its ecosystem.

Read the article here

What Happened to Ryoshi of Shiba Inu?

Shiba Inu’s $SHIB token was one of the biggest surprises of 2021, soaring to impressive heights before crashing in 2022. Its founder, Ryoshi, mysteriously seemed to abandon the project in May 2022.

Find out what happened here.

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