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NFT Marketplace CroSea 2.0 Launch Set For Jan. 25

The launch of CroSea 2.0 in January promises new features and an upgraded experience for users of the largest open NFT marketplace on Cronos Chain.

CroSea Teases New Features

CroSea, the largest open NFT marketplace on Cronos Chain, announced a major upgrade coming up in the new year, promising Decentralized Finance (DeFi) aggregation, profit sharing, a new user experience, and more. The launch of CroSea 2.0 is set for Jan. 25.

“Get ready to experience NFTs like never before,” CroSea tweeted in a video.

The price and popularity of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have been affected by the general market downturn, and activity on CroSea has also been impacted.

According to DappRadar, CroSea had just under 750 Unique Active Wallets in the past 30 days, with 5,400 transactions and a total volume of less than $10,000.

Can CroSea 2.0 reinvigorate the Cronos NFT marketplace?

What is CroSea:

CroSea is the largest open NFT Marketplace on the Cronos network. It allows users to trade NFTs using CRO, wrapped USDT, and any CRC20 Tokens. The platform has pioneered a lot over a short time due to its next-level innovative solutions like viewing owned collections and easy creation of new ones.

Where to find CroSea:

Website | Twitter | Discord |

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