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NFT Expoverse Recap 2: BNB Chain Focus

Though the crypto market has gone through some bearish moments, popular belief in the potential of NFTs seems unaffected.

Excerpts From the First NFT Expoverse

One of the world's largest advocacy events for the adoption of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), NFT Expoverse, took place in Los Angeles from July 29-31. The event had in attendance several leading NFT protocols, tech experts, and investors. It also featured exhibitions and presentations on the roles NFTs, Web3, blockchain, etc. would play in redefining future reality. 

At BSC News, we don't let such opportunities slip through our fingers! Our intrepid Director of Content Kyle Heise was at the event and brought back with him some sights and sounds. His presence at the program also gave him a good opportunity for impromptu interviews with some key players in the BNB Chain's NFT space. 

Evidence that the future is already here with us was on full display as the event was beamed live on the metaverse via a partnership with Decentraland and RLTY

Heise spoke to some of the attendees, who were impressed by the number of people who turned up for the conference. According to Moonshot, the co-founder of Lunar, the zeal exhibited by the numbers that flooded the event makes him feel very bullish about the NFT industry:

"The crowd was strong. Right now we are in a bear market; you would expect the turnout to reduce a little. But we were pleasantly surprised by what we saw and what we experienced. These 1000s and 1000s of people are all here during a bear market, which means that they're interested. The large crypto community coming together, in my opinion, is nice, and it feels good to be a part of it" he said.

Moonshot took a moment to talk about the Lunar project:

"Every DeFi user experiences headaches handling multiple platforms and multiple wallets when making transactions from chain to chain. For example, going from Token A on Ethereum Blockchain to Token B on BNB Chain could take 5 to 7 transactions. So we make things seamless for users, allowing them to move any asset from any blockchain to any other asset on any other blockchain in a single transaction." 

Moonshot went further and teased an upcoming Lunar integration:

"We launched on BNB Chain in November 2021 with a 1000 BNB presale and have been growing at a very good rate. We will soon release our contract on the Ethereum blockchain as well. We will create a bridge between Ethereum and BNB Chain, and in the future, to other blockchains" he added.
BSC News Director of Content Kyle Heise’s T-Shirt is not offering financial advice. Source: CryptoQuile.

We also ran into Steve, who works for Universal NFTs - an upcoming Web3 crypto project. He said that he remains bullish about NFTs and crypto despite the recent market crash. Affirming that every commercial human interaction is contract-based, he wondered if there are any limits to the potential use cases of smart contracts or, by extension, NFTs. 

Philip Devine, who is the CEO of both Riveted Games and CryptoBlades, one of BNB Chain's foremost PlaytoEarn GameFi protocols, had a chat with us as well. For him, the NFT Expoverse presented a good opportunity to network one-on-one with a good mix of stakeholders:

"Being the first NFT Expoverse, I think they hit it out of the park by bringing in a really good variety of different NFT projects, whether that's gaming or Virtual Reality, or Collectibles or Utility or Infrastructure. It's just been a good time being able to meet other project owners and investors, and be able to talk with people, and network. You know, you put this face to the name. Being able to meet everybody in person has been instrumental in building some deeper connections," Devine said.

The CryptoBlades CEO was part of a discussion panel that talked about PlaytoEarn sustainability, tokenomics, Web3, etc. Click HERE to view the event's show book. 

The NFT Expoverse featured panel discussions as well as exhibits. Source: CryptoQuile

As we head into the future, it is exciting to imagine how Web3, NFTs, and in general, crypto might change the world from how we know it today. The next NFT Expoverse event has been fixed for March 2-4, 2023 in Miami, Florida.

One good takeaway from this year's event in L.A. is that there is a growing awareness that NFTs and Web3 are sure to be an integral future part of human existence.

The current bearish market in crypto-space has done very little to dampen the optimism of crypto enthusiasts.

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