New ARC Reactor Software: A Game-Changer for EVM-Compatibility?

by BSC News

September 19, 2022


The ARC Reactor educes the time required to understand, audit and modify smart contracts, allowing for cross-chain shipping of major projects.

Blockchain development company ARC has released the latest version (V1.2) of their software platform Reactor - a product they believe represents a paradigm shift in blockchain development.

ARC Reactor is a GUI that empowers software developers to ingest, audit, build, maintain, and test any smart contracts and code. Developers can then ship the code to any Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible chain in minutes.

“With the release of Reactor, I just hope that the blockchain can reach everyone. That means not only developers, project managers and stakeholders, but also blockchain enthusiasts to know exactly what a token can do in broad sense,” Henry Syahputra, CTO and Technical Co-Founder of ARC, told BSC News.

The ARC team said in a Medium post that their vision for the software is not to “build a better mousetrap.” They believe Reactor represents a fundamental shift from how code has been audited, created, managed and shipped.

“My inspiration has always been the decentralization of opportunity for fellow human beings, as well as the mass adoption of blockchain technology. It occurred to me years ago: 'Wouldn't it be great if anyone could understand the blockchain and its idiosyncratic coding?” Syahputra said.

A tutorial and video has been released which demonstrates how their platform can ship and deploy a robust project like PancakeSwap from BNB Chain to Polygon.

The ARC team's vision is to bring an open-source mindset to blockchain world. Their goal is for the vast majority of software developers in startups and corporations to use ARC Reactor as the de facto tool for developing and maintaining all codebases.

Syahputra conceived of the Reactor GUI inspired by his idea of a world where “all software development was a visual process, completely transparent and interactive.” By displaying the code visually, it offers a nuanced and different perspective. In this model, he says, software developers can gain instant insight into every aspect of the architecture and code, including potential malware, exceptions, and broken dependencies.

Recently ARC helped a leading no-code startup in Web3 to identify a critical flaw in its architecture using Reactor. While the team has initially chosen to focus on the burgeoning EVM-compatible ecosystem first, their roadmap includes developing for all other significant languages and ecosystems.

ARC is currently focused on partnering with layer-one and layer-two chains to help them and projects in each ecosystem lower barriers of entry, shorten development cycles, and ship cross-chain. The company said it expects to announce key team hires, partnerships and more product releases soon, and is also in talks to raise equity financing.