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New Alliance Launched to Promote Privacy as a Right on Web3

Leading Web3 privacy technology companies join together to establish a legal defense fund and to fight for privacy as a fundamental right.

Ensuring Privacy on Web3

A new alliance has been formed by a group of privacy technology-focused Web3 companies. The Universal Privacy Alliance said their mission is to promote privacy as an inherent right, and to address the growing threat of surveillance tools.

Nym, p0xeidon labs, Orchid, Secret Network, Oasis Network, Railgun and Status are founding members of the alliance launched on Oct. 11, during the Devcon conference in Bogotá, Colombia, featuring guest speaker Edward Snowden.

Harry Halpin, CEO of Nym, said, “Privacy is a fundamental right, and a common defense alliance and fund is needed to allow the internet to go beyond both current surveillance-based business models and unjustified state surveillance.”

As part of their mission to defend privacy, the alliance announced the formation of a legal defense fund, set up for the purpose of defending the right to “build and use full stack privacy tools.” As evidenced by the recent OFAC sanctions against Tornado Cash, regulators have been willing to sanction the use of the privacy technologies itself, as opposed to bringing sanctions on an organization or person.

Steven Waterhouse, CEO of Orchid, said: “In our modern era of corporate and government surveillance, the individual right to privacy continues to be eroded. As we build the next generation of the internet, instituting privacy as a fundamental value at the core of the technology is more important than ever before.”

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