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Netmarble F&C Readies for Golden Bros GameFi Release

Netmarble F&C is looking to offer the innovations of traditional gaming to crypto users, with graphics and gameplay unheard of in the GameFi sector.

Netmarble F&C Launches AAA-level PlaytoEarn Project 

Netmarble F&C is set to launch shooter GameFi project Golden Bros, with the website just released. 

Golden Bros marks Netmarble’s latest release and sees the organization’s first integration into blockchain technology. Users will be able to enjoy high octane three vs three combat modes with easy to use controls. 

“The game aims to realize the best of both traditional and blockchain gaming where players will feel attached to its characters and play at a whole new level.” Netmarble F&C revealed in an exclusive press release obtained by BSC News. 

Various characters offer users the opportunity to deploy their favoured playing style with the added incentive of developing their chosen characters through ‘Skill Capsules’ that can be acquired within the game.

Source: Netmarble F&C

Through enduring short and intense battle periods, users will be able to construct their own growth journeys through configuring their original skill configurations. Each user journey will see different strategies utilized and allow users to enjoy their own original experience.

The team understands that the GameFi market is a particularly saturated sector and hope to combat this through the introduction of high quality graphics that are not often deployed in crypto gaming. The AAA studio deployed here is equipped to bring about high level gaming to crypto users. 

With ITAMCUBE set to be the native token, BSC News looks forward to learning how this token will be deployed and indeed offer utility.

Golden Bros will enjoy release on both mobile and PC the team at Netmarble F&C revealed, this will take place in the earlier part of 2022. 

Source: Netmarble F&C

What is Netmarble?

Netmarble Corp. is a South Korean mobile game developer. It is South Korea's largest mobile-gaming company which was founded in 2000 by Bang Jun-hyuk. Netmarble F&C is the subsidiary of Netmarble, which aims to bring the quality of traditional gaming to the crypto sector and offer crypto users the opportunity to enjoy the best of both crypto utility and traditional gaming excellence. 

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What is ITAM CUBE?

ITAM CUBE is a GameFi project that provides a full set of P2E infrastructure, including API middleware, NFT marketplace, DeFi, and multi-chian bridge. Founded in 2018, ITAM CUBE has migrated to BSC from EOS and have since specialized in providing blockchain technologies and tokenomics consulting. Acquired by Netmarble F&C in January, ITAM CUBE has become the epicenter of the blockchain business for its parent company, utilizing its global game IPs, AAA-standard graphics, and game management protocols. 

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