MOR Perps - A Zero Slippage Experience

Intuitive and intelligent, the MOR Perps platform is the latest tool developed by Growth DeFi and is slated for launch on September 7th.

What is MOR Perps:

MOR Perps is a perpetuals trading platform developed by Growth DeFi with a planned launch date of September 7, 2022. The main vision of the platform is to provide higher returns for users while simultaneously keeping risks at a minimum.

The platform offers zero-slippage trading using its overcollateralized stablecoin, MOR. When users get price quotes for trades, they will always receive the amount shown. As slippage can be a major frustration for traders, being able to have peace of mind about their price quotes is a positive.


The Solution MOR Perps Offers

MOR Perps was created when the Growth DeFi team noticed that there were no platforms that offered zero price impact perpetuals trading on BNB Chain. Traders are often left facing significant slippage, particularly on larger transactions. 

In order to solve this dilemma, MOR Perps uses the MOR stablecoin as a counterparty. Users who deposit MOR into the counterparty pool become market makers and are awarded swap fees. MOR Perps also eschews the use of orderbooks, with its trades being LP or protocol-based according to its Medium announcement. This allows for instant trades (with MOR Protocol as the broker) and does not require another user to place an order for the trade to be processed. 

The MOR Perps platform targets traders and hedgers, liquidity providers who supply the counterparty MOR/BUSD, and fund managers looking to diversify into commodities. MOR Perps also incentivizes collaboration through rebates. If projects bring their community to MOR Perps, they will receive a rebate for all users that hold the project’s native token.

The Benefits

For traders, the benefits are obvious: price quotes are final and have no slippage, meaning traders can make more exact trading decisions and have less risk exposure. The platform’s User Interface (UI) is intuitive and user-friendly, making it accessible for both novice traders and experienced veterans alike.

In addition, GRO Dueling VDCs will be a set of virtual deposit contracts, with which the ranking level will be determined by your amount of GRO deposited. The more GRO you deposit into the VDCs, the more revenue you will share from the profit mechanisms of PERPs.

The Journey So Far

Growth DeFi has built its successful ecosystem without holding any funding rounds or pre-sales. The MOR concept was born when Growth DeFi considered how to maximize value for users while minimizing risk.

MOR is integrated with Chainlink to offer users highly secure price feeds. MOR has also partnered with BNB Chain heavyweights such as ApeSwap to help maintain liquidity. 

In the future, MOR Perps will offer customizable spreads and an expanded asset selection. The platform plans to also introduce commodities like gold and silver, as well as expand operations cross-chain.

Where to find Growth DeFi/MOR Perps:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Telegram | Discord

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