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Monsterra NFT Game Launches $219K Mega Referral Campaign

Share the love, and the wealth, with Monsterra’s biggest referral campaign of the year.

Individuals can win up to $60,000

Monsterra NFT Game is running its biggest referral campaign of the year, with total rewards of more than $219,000 up for grabs – and the potential for any individual to win up to $60,000.

The campaign is being run in four seasons, with the first season starting Nov. 11 and ending Dec. 12.

Source: Monsterra

To join the campaign, log in or sign up to the Monsterra DAO, go to the “Referral” tab to get the game invitation link, and share it to your friends and social media followers.

You accumulate more rewards the more levels your friend reaches, and the more currency they spend in-game.

Source: Monsterra

At the conclusion of each season, tournaments will be held, with users in higher referral tiers qualifying for tournaments with greater rewards.

Source: Monsterra

For friends who join Monsterra using referral links, they will receive benefits in the form of cashback incentives on purchases made in the game.

Source: Monsterra

For more information about rewards and referral potentials, check the Monsterra Medium blog.

What is Monsterra:

Monsterra NFT Game is a multi-chain game run on BNB, Avalanche, and Terra networks inspired by the Axie Infinity game's pet world and the gameplay in Clash of Clan or Boom Beach of Supercell. The game is set in a fictional world and revolves around farming, property building, and battling other lands with the magical creatures named Mongen. The design of Monsterra combines the free-to-play and free-to-earn model, which allows millions of gaming enthusiasts fun and profit with no initial investment.

Where to find Monsterra:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Medium |

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